The Weekly Drop: February 18 – 24

The end of February is here and with March incoming, Spring is right around the corner. While the future of new releases is ridiculously massive and bright, this week isn’t a slouch either as we see some long-awaited returns, much anticipated debuts and albums that have garnered their own sort of internet bubble. On with the weekly drop!

Released 02.20.17

Artist: Eve to Adam
Album: Odyssey
Genre: Hard Rock
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Released 02.23.17

Artist: BRÅVES
Genre: Electro Pop
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Released 02.24.17

Artist: A Breach of Silence
Album: Secrets
Genre: Metalcore
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Artist: Acceptance
Album: Colliding By Design
Genre: Alternative Rock
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Artist: Acres
Album: In Sickness & Health EP
Genre: Post Hardcore
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Artist: American Grim
Album: Freakshow
Genre: Rock
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Artist: darkDARK
Album: Heathered EP
Genre: Synthpop
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Artist: Death Therapy
Album: The Storm Before The Calm
Genre: Industrial / Metal
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Artist: DispersE
Album: Foreword
Genre: Progressive Metal
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Artist: Entrance
Album: Book of Changes
Genre: Indie
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Artist: Hippo Campus
Album: Landmark
Genre: Indie Pop
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Artist: Loose Buttons
Album: Sundays EP
Genre: Indie Rock
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Artist: Native Tongue
Album: Native/Tongue
Genre: Alternative Rock
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Artist: Nightlife
Album: Salt & Acid
Genre: Punk Rock
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Artist: Suicide Silence
Album: Suicide Silence
Genre: Metal
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Artist: The Fallen State
Album: The View From Ruin EP
Genre: Rock
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