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We at Soundfiction normally post and interview bands that are important to our scene. However, in an attempt to branch out we got to chat with an up and coming DJ by the name of TrinoVante. Having released his debut album in December, We got to chat with the man behind TrinoVante about the album, as well as the origins of the project and what’s next for him.

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We always like to start off with a bit of fun and get to know the people behind the music on a more personal basis. Are there any weird tidbits or quirks about yourself that you’d be willing to share with the world?

First of all I would love to say thank you and god bless for asking me these questions, it means so much to me I sincerely mean that. I wish I could answer this question with a simple ‘no I am a completely normal average Joe’ who just happens to enjoy producing electronic music, but unfortunately I can’t. I guess if I’m being perfectly honest I do have some weird tidbits hahaha.

It’s only been in the last 2-3 years I have felt myself go a little bit quirky round the edges.  Many bizarre odd occurrences have found their way into my sanity over this period, but overall I can hold my hands up and stay I have come back around in 2017 a stronger, better more honorable character and person.

In hindsight and to cut a long story short, I was living life way to high and full of myself for a number of years, I was massively building myself up for a nasty fall.  I kind of blinded myself in many ways to some of the evilest perils of life. I had a catalog of misfortunes, and due to being weak minded at the time I went completely the wrong way about it.  Many peculiar incidents followed, which started to take me down a slippery slope. In the darkest most foolish moments of my life in 2015 and after a failed DJing / producing season in Malia, Crete – failing to control a severely broken heart and coming off a 2 month bender, I was stuck in Greece as I wasted all my money and contemplating / semi-attempting stupid things. I’m still certain I had a wicked form of darkness in my ears trying to end my existence.  Somehow I managed to see some light into how I got myself in that situation. In the nick of time I did something I never thought I would do as it seemed like the only logical option left to me and slowly but surely ever since that moment, crying my eyes out in this building in Greece, I have lived my life with a completely different outlook.

I was however concerned about these strange incidents as I never thought it could happen to me, so I have since been to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with a form of bi-polar disorder. I have 100% managed to get my feet back on the ground and finally after a few years of reforming my life I am so close to owning a normal / stable life!  I now realize I was the master of my own downfall. I can’t be depressed or moan about my life when I realistically have it so lucky, compared to so many other people in this world who really have it tough.   

Going into the project’s background, how did you start out producing music? What made you decide to start releasing your music to the public instead of it simply being a hobby?

I had always wanted to get into producing my own music ever since secondary school and buying my first drum and bass vinyl around 2002.  I’ve had turntables for a while and I still collect vinyl, I used to try and DJ at little gatherings at uni and messy house parties but I was never really that good or focused on it.  I was always much better and extremely addicted to PlayStation and Call of Duty or Fifa from around 07 – 12, literally wasting years of my life playing it as I only worked part-time, and was a student back then.  I guess looking back I had a major guilt trip in 2012 as I realized that this was such an un-productive way to spend my early 20s.

So I embarked on a new challenge, combining my love for trying to dj and playing computer games.  I never even had a clue where to begin with trying to make my own style of electronic music, but that’s what the internet exists for.  I did some research and tried a few demos of software like Ableton, Cubase, EJ Dance studios, in the end I settled with FL Studio 10 Producers Edition and later on Logic Pro X as I just connected with these software’s and found them very compatible with my brain.  Off course my own beats / tracks sounded hideous for quite a while, but I never gave up, having little breaks here and there but always coming back to try again.  It was painful and time consuming, spending many lonely nights with a headache.  But eventually I was making my own electronic music for personal consumption for when I went to the gym or cycling and jogging.

Eventually I decided to create an Artist name ‘TrinoVante’ and started to develop into him.  At the end of 2013 I sent some tracks into an unsigned competition I saw online, and said to myself if nothing comes from it I would quit.  I was lucky enough to have a small digital label release the EP into online stores, and that opened the door to keep the next chapter of the dream alive.  I guess that was the change from hobby to taking it a bit more serious.

Soon after that and a few more ups and downs, I researched becoming an Independent Musician and found Ditto Music, which has turned out to be the biggest blessing and turning point ever.  I would still be going around in circles if it wasn’t for them.  I managed to get their help and support in a number of areas regarding releasing my music independently.  Meaning I could produce and release the music I wanted to produce with no constraints, unleashing all my creativity and flair without having to worry if it passed another record labels standards.

Every artist have their set of influences that inspire their sound. What are some of the influences, be it musical or otherwise, that have inspired you?

Woah that’s a tough one.  I always answer this question with I have so so so so so so many influences and idols from every genre and era in musical history.  My vinyl collection literally goes from Bob Dylan, Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, Black Sabbath, Lead Zeppelin (passed down from my dad), Mo-town, Jazz, Soul (passed down from my Grandad), The Beatles, Abba, and many other musical geniuses (passed down from my Mum) to more modern artists that I purchased like Chase n Status, Sub Focus, Ram Records, Hospital Records etc etc so so so so many more.

I guess one the biggest influences personally on myself and my favorite artist / persona, after researching him and watching him on TV and really connecting with his unique dark style of not fearing to sing about and document some of the more twisted elements of life is Ozzy Osbourne.  Also from researching him we both had problems with dyslexia at school which we have in common, and dark spells with alcohol abuse in life.

If you had the chance to pick a producer or artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

I’m not going to lie I have the biggest most massive crush ever on Alexa Goddard.  I love here voice, I think her style is banging I love her persona, she is so god dam beautiful, she seems like such a bright happy person.  I just think she is a bit different in a good way from the type of female pop-stars in the mainstream commercial industry these days. Also, I’m just an amateur underground electronic producer although I do try and sing on my own instrumentals sometimes as I write a song to the melody I produce but I have no-one to sing it, except samples I find online.  I absolutely fantasize over sweet harmonic female vocals I can produce deep dirty electronic drops and sounds around. Also Skrillex as he could teach me things beyond my imagination and out of my universe of knowledge or Sir Paul McCartney as he is just a legend of song writing.  But these are all obviously just perverse dreams.

Concentrating on your new record, What does the name, ‘Live Love Laugh Learn Light Liquid Liberate’, mean to you and the album’s sound?

Hahahahaha this name means a great deal to me indeed!  I originally started telling myself Live Love Laugh in Autumn 2015 whilst pulling myself together and battling depression.  I saw it on a plaque on the wall in the toilet of a house I was working in on my first week in my new job.  It stuck in my head and I kept saying it to myself if I ever felt myself slipping.  I added learn soon after, as we are always learning in life but mainly for me to finally learn from my mistakes what lead to the dark times mentioned before, and to keep learning with my music productions.  Light came in the summer of 2016 when I realized the enormous power of light to life, and Liquid was from when I completed a 6 week ‘AA’ course in Clacton-on-Sea being completely T-total just drinking water also in that summer.  Liberate was the last word as it was when I finally decided to stand up for myself and eradicate all of the dark thoughts gathered in my head from many years of the past.  Things I did wrong or the anxiety of thinking what if I did that differently, or a depressive incident etc.

Also, they all begin with the letter ‘L’ and there are seven words and there are seven colours of the rainbow, so I thought it was pretty cool ahahahaha maybe its just me hahaha.

What made you decide to release your album with 19 songs? Was there a point where you thought of releasing a traditional 10-12 songs album or was a long album always in your mind?

You are correct I previously planned on releasing two individual albums of 10-12 tracks, 1 – a house album and 2 – a Drum and Bass album.  As these are the two main forms of electronic music I experiment with.

However, I ran out of steam power, brain cells and decided I had enough passionate material to merge both albums into an epic 19 track album.  Also, I set myself a target to release the album by Christmas 2016 and I was completely happy with the project.  

You’ve been releasing singles over the past few weeks but is there another full-length project over the horizon? What’s next for TrinoVante in the new year?

Hahahahaha I have indeed been releasing some new music over the past few weeks.  In fact I had another moment when I said its time to call it a day after the ‘Live Love Laugh Learn Light Liquid Liberate’ as I thought that was my peak and I wanted to leave on a high note.  However, I think I’ve learnt now I will never be able to fully quit on TrinoVante, I enjoy little breaks where I recharge but then just embark on a new journey. I’ve decided I am having one last big push in 2017 before I take a year out of life to see the world, explore new cultures and open my eyes to the beauty of life and go travelling.  So I’m throwing everything at it this year. My latest big project does actually dwarf the ‘Live Love Laugh Learn Light Liquid Liberate’ album, as I have always wanted to write my own book / ebook / short novel.  I have already started, I’m spending a lot of free time in the local library researching and developing the storyline.  Basically it’s ‘An action packed mythological thriller, set in the Celtic – Roman Transition of Britain’.  However, I am pushing the boat out even further and producing an Electronic Dance Music Soundtrack Album to run parallel with the chapters / storyline taking inspiration from ‘War of the Worlds’ by Jeff Wayne.

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