Progressive indie rock outfit Molehill have debuted a new single that embraces a revolutionary spirit with “Hearts on Fire”, which was inspired by the “Euromaidan” protests in the Ukraine. The song is the title track from their forthcoming EP, due out 5/12.

The song is about the common people rising up to fight an oppressive regime,” says Manhart. “Though the people in this protest were unarmed, the government sent riot police and snipers to kill them, and yet the people’s numbers kept growing until they were finally heard. This song is about the strength of community, sheer willpower, and the resonance of a good and virtuous idea. Though the few in control may try to keep the will of the people down, the masses can change the world if they fight together. With the recent wave of public dissent and protests happening around our country, this seems like an appropriate time to share this song.

Hearts On Fire by Molehill

The first song from the upcoming EP ‘Hearts on Fire’