Skyharbor To Tour With Deftones + Release New Album This Spring

Indian prog-metal outfit Skyharbor have announced they’ll be supporting the Deftones on their upcoming European tour and that their new album, Sunshine Dust will be released this Spring. The album will feature their most recent single, “Chemical Hands”.

Guitarist Keshav Dhar said ‘Sunshine Dust has, for us, been a labour of love if there ever was one. We’ve spent the last three years chiselling away at what we feel is our freshest and most exciting record yet, and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out. We’ve explored some completely new sounds to anything we’ve done in the past, while at the same time throwing back to a lot of our early roots, and we can’t wait to share the results with you all!’

On supporting Deftones, Keshav continues: “Deftones have always been lifelong legends for us, they have uncompromisingly powered through generations just making incredible album after album and providing the soundtrack to our lives since we were kids. It’s beyond an honour to be sharing the stage with a band that has been so deeply impactful to us as a band and as individuals. We are indebted to them for giving us the opportunity of a lifetime and we will do our best to put on a show worthy of their stage!”

What Are Your Thoughts!

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