A Story Told Release Music Video for “Weather”

Emerging from the tucked away and nestled Kanawha River, the Alternative Pop clan A Story Told is stoked to announce off their debut album Keep Watch their latest single “Weather.” Although West Virginia may not be known as the musical hotbed of the nation, the scorching music group proves to show it should not be overlooked. A Story Told is an emotionally forward and irresistibly catchy five-piece outfit that is pioneering their way through the Appalachians, the moral of their tale: the best bands come from unlikely places.

“The song is about a past relationship and the “what ifs” that follow.  You know, everybody thinks about going back in time and fantasizes about how things could’ve turned out differently.  But so often you don’t really understand circumstances and consequences of your decisions until you’re way beyond them.  Sometimes the only real closure you can have is accepting things for what they are, appreciating what you had, and moving on from it knowing that it will always stick with you.”


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