Nothing Left (Ex-For Today) Sign to Facedown Records + Announce Debut EP

Nothing Left, featuring Ryan and Brandon Leitru, formerly of metalcore juggernaut For Today, have signed to Facedown Records. Fans of the Leitrus will remember that For Today were initially signed to Facedown, so this is a welcome homecoming of sorts for the duo! In addition, the band have announced their debut EP, Destroy and Rebuild will be out 4/21 and is available for pre-order now via MerchNow. They’ve also released the title track from the record, “Destroy and Rebuild”, viewable below.

Additionally, the band will perform at the 20th anniversary of Facedown Fest this coming May. So there is plenty of activity in the Nothing Left camp.

Destroy and Rebuild is both raw and angry. It may be only six songs, but it is a dynamic and intense listen from start to finish, and will leave you both satisfied yet yearning for more. The in-your-face aggression is exactly what you’d expect from and hope for in a passion project from the Leitrus.

“In the current state of a lot of heavy music circles, there is a lot of music that is made by bands (or their producers) just to cater to a specific audience,” said Ryan Leitru. “It leads to a lot of safe and sometimes not very genuine music. It’s easy to get jaded when you’re too close to that type of world. One way to fight that and keep your passion for what you do is to go back to what first made you love music.

“With the Destroy and Rebuild EP, we tried to do that and as a result you can hear some of the influences from stuff that was happening when we were growing up in this music scene. Both in life and in music, a great way to move forward is to look back first, and learn from it.”

Nothing Left – “Destroy and Rebuild”

From the debut EP “Destroy and Rebuild” out now on Facedown Records. Vinyl, CD or Digital: Facebook: Destroy and Rebuild lyrics Rage consuming the light I have, slipping away. It’s slipping away. Separate these shades of black. Lost in the memories of a broken past that holds me back.

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