Show Review: Palisades at The House of Blues

On the precipice of becoming an established household name in the post hardcore scene with their recently released and acclaimed self-titled album, Palisades made their way back to Cleveland this past Tuesday evening. After making multiple stops in Ohio these past few months on a variety of tour stops, the band took hold of the stage once again — this time at the House of Blues with headlining artist Lacey Sturm and supporting guests Stitched Up Heart and Letters From The Fire.

Last December I experienced Palisades live for the first time while photographing for another act. Seeing as the House of Blues was a bit more spacious than the last venue, I expected there to be an even bigger turn out with this show and with just a quick glance upon walking into the venue, it was clear that the Palisades fan base had taken over for the night. As I made my way to the front to enter the photo pit, the band’s name popped up on several occasions as well as appearing on seemingly every other shirt that I passed by.

For the unfamiliar, it’s hard to stick the band into a singular box, especially after their latest release, which saw them expand on their original scope and vision of blending electronics into a post hardcore sound, as the new record offers a variety of different styles throughout. When it came time as the band hit the stage and started playing, it was obvious many were there for them as a majority of the crowd knew every song by heart. This was shown tenfold when the real crowd pleasers were played with “Let Down,” “Better Chemicals” and “High and Low.”

It’s well known that many musicians are more refined and polished in studio recordings versus a live performance, so it’s rare to find a band that absolutely brings it in both avenues. Palisades are one such band that have shown a vast improvement over their careers so far and I feel comfortable in saying that their live performance matches up extremely well to the studio sound. Front-man Lou Miceli showed off his well improved vocals that stand out with some of their newer songs and bassist Brandon Elgar adds backup vocals which compliments Lou’s voice extremely well, making for a well blended duo. The band’s performance offers something that can appeal to each person, from an aggressive edge with grinding guitars to a range of electronics from producer/DJ Graves.

The members do an exceptional job of connecting with the crowd on stage and an even better job of connecting with the fans off-stage. After every performance, the band makes a point to stick around at the Palisades merch tent for a chance to chat with each of the fans, which would explain why the band’s fan base remains so loyal and continues to rise. If you’ve yet to experience Palisades live in person, now is definitely the time to do so!

To see more of Palisades, head over to and check out their latest self-titled album Palisades.


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