Lorna Shore Stream New Album ‘Flesh Coffin’ Early

With the release of their sophomore album, Flesh Coffin, out next Friday on Outerloop Records, New Jersey metal act Lorna Shore are streaming it early.  As noted by Trevor Strnaud’s (The Black Dahlia Murder) 20 Sick New Extreme Metal Releases For A Riotous 2017 feature in Metal Injection last month, “Lorna Shore easily transcend what is commonly known as deathcore with their blisteringly creative marriage of black and tech metal chops. There’s definitely enough here to appease you tech death guys, it’s clinical, quick moving, with impressive instrumental shredding. The conceptual narrative scope of the album is noteworthy.”

“Flesh Coffin is our vision displayed in sound. It’s our emotions poured out on CD. This album is for our fans, all the people who continue to support us every year, and for everyone who has ever looked past us.” – Austin Archey

Lorna Shore – Offering of Fire

From the album Flesh Coffin, out now: https://lorna.lnk.to/FC MERCH: https://lornashore.allinmerch.com TOUR DATES: https://found.ee/lstour FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/lornashore TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lornashore INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/lornashore OFFERING OF FIRE This room sealed shut I found peace within the dark There’s no world left for me Stone cold is this beating heart Troubled times we have fallen upon

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