The Silence Factory Release Music Video for New Single “High”

Windsor rock band The Silence Factory has released the Official Video for “High,” the second single off of their upcoming EP due out later this year. Produced by Juno award winning and Grammy nominated producer Gavin Brown (3 Days Grace, Billy Talent) and the video directed by Jendo Shabo from Moonjump Productions.

“The story is a bit dark, but basically it’s about a guy who feels guilty about the death of his girlfriend – even though it’s absolutely not his fault. The video tries to capture that feeling that people have when bad stuff happens and they think they are to blame. But, in the end, the idea is that the girl comes back and tries to pull the guy into the road to get hit by a car and he realizes it at the last minute and pulls away. So, even though it’s dark it ends on a positive note. The guy finally realizes it’s not his fault so he can just be sad about the loss, but not blame himself.” – Nathan McNevin (Vocals)

THE SILENCE FACTORY – High [Official Video]

The Silence Factory, feat. Nathan McNevin released this song on January 3, 2017. The song is written by Nathan McNevin (arrangement, melody and lyrics) and Maia Davies (lyrics) and was produced by Gavin Brown. It was recorded at Noble Street Studio in Toronto.

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