Red Queen Releases “Insidious” Music Video

Las Vegas hard rock outfit Red Queen have released the official music video for their single, “Insidious”, which lives on their debut EP Star Blood, released last year.

This song tells a personal story of a toxic relationship between two people, when love becomes very much like a drug addiction that slowly destroys you but also keeps you blinded on the edge of being high and oblivious. – Elena Vladi, Vocalist of Red Queen

RED QUEEN – INSIDIOUS – Official Music Video – IG: @ElenaVladi

Insidious from the debut Album “Star Blood” by RED QUEEN released April 5, 2016 Website: Bandcamp: iTunes: Facebook: Instagram: @ElenaVladi Other: Video Director: Elena Vladi of Red Queen Co-Director:Patrick Crisci of Red Queen Videographer: Patrick Crisci of Red Queen and Edit by Patrick

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