As It Is Premieres New Music Video for “Hey Rachel”

Brighton, UK’s As It Is has premiered a powerful new music video for their song “Hey Rachel,” taken from their latest full-length album, okay., which is now available on iTunes. Written and directed by Joshua Halling, the video reimagines the childhood story of vocalist Patty Walters and his sister Rachel, weaving in a very personal battle with depression while leaving the audience with an empowering and inspirational conclusion.

The video features home-recorded footage of the two as children, with the plot circling around Walters inability to understand his sister’s depression and anxiety. He explains, “‘Hey Rachel’ was an especially cathartic song to write, reopening old wounds after nearly ten years. Writing the song demanded being painfully honest with both myself and my sister, neither of which I was particularly comfortable doing. I had to relive past feelings of fear, sorrow, anger, pain, and, most of all, regret. The song is an apology I’m relieved and proud to have finally said. It’s such a beautiful and powerful music video, and I’m ecstatic to finally be sharing it.”

As It Is – Hey Rachel (Official Music Video)

ITUNES: MERCH: SPOTIFY: Taken from the new album ‘okay.’ available now. Directed by Joshua Halling.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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