Nominee Unleash New Music Video for “White Water”

After years of hard work Nominee are thrilled to be releasing Drag Me Out (due out January 26th), the band’s most personal record to date, a concept album that displays hardship and struggle with mental illness. What fans soon find out is the EP is a telling of tales by Chris Mclelland and his personal triumph with Bipolar Disease. Mclelland expands of the overarching theme of Drag Me Out, “The record is about admitting that you’re not okay and trusting someone enough to tell them. We collaborate on all of our songs. Usually one of us will bring an idea to the table to get the wheels turning and we’ll go from there. Musically, Drag Me Out is a reflection of who we are as a band.”

Today, the band has unleashed “White Water” exclusively with Rock Sound, a song about what happens when those close to you let you down because they don’t quite understand your struggle. The song details the struggle of dealing with a mental illness and constantly feeling like one cannot live up to another persons expectations. Mclelland went in to detail, “I know first hand what its like to not live up to someone’s expectations, but on the other side of that, I feel like I’ve spent a better part of my life as a door mat, not saying how I feel and letting people walk all over me. I’ve been taken advantage of around every turn. I’ve never had a girlfriend who didn’t cheat and I’ve never had a friend who didn’t stand me up at one point or another. White Water is a culmination of feeling disappointed and betrayed by either family or friends.”

Nominee – White Water (Music Video)

Filmed By: Blake Wright Edited By: Nathan Helton Directed by: Christopher Mclelland

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