Album Review: Vaultry – Eulogy

While it’s an all too unfortunate consequence of life, death at some point is a guarantee. When, where or why it happens is what lies in the unknown and makes it an intriguing aspect on the journey every individual goes through as they grow older. The most unfortunate aspect of death typically comes from the when part, as it’s more broadly accepted and easier to deal with when older people pass due to the longevity of their life in comparison to younger people. For those who have yet to live a full life, death has a different aura and impacts people in a much different way and that is what shows the true resolve of humanity. Victoria five-piece Vaultry had to make a decision on how the passing of their guitarist would affect them as people and a band, and after much thought, they pushed forward as a band and are now set to release their debut album Eulogy, which not only serves as a reminder of the affect death can have, but enshrines their long-time friend and bandmate in music forever.

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Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Unsigned
Release: January 12, 2017
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Even though we’re simply in the beginning days of 2017, Eulogy will undoubtedly be one of the most gut-wrenching albums that will fall upon listeners all year long. This is a record that is a true showcase of the impact that death can have on people as the band leave their emotions lying on the cutting room floor and have crafted a musical reminder of everything their friend meant to not only them, but the people who were lucky enough to have him in their life. Vaultry accomplish this by opting for a stylistic shift in their sound that fits them as a band better and the message they want to get across. Gone are the days of the bands desire to utilize metalcore and melodic hardcore roots and in their place lies an atmospheric, alternative rock sound that relies heavily on emotional hooks and a massive, orchestrated sound. By shifting to this approach, Eulogy not only leaves a last impact in message, but in sound and one that could easily help many people cope when the time comes for them to deal with the unfortunate aspect of death.

Vaultry – Ghost Writing (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Dreambound ________________________________ Artist: Vaultry Song: Ghost Writing (feat. Tom Vanderkam of Hawking) Album: ‘Eulogy’ (2017) Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia Website: ________________________________ Lyrics: Won’t you tell me again, how my heart’s in the right place, When it feels so lost, and my chest feels vacant.

The aforementioned sonic shift is immediately in play with the title track, “Eulogy”, which serves a double purpose of opening the record, preparing listeners for what’s to come while at the same time offering a moment of solace in how death isn’t the ultimate end for people and that they continue on through the living. This message carries on through the vast majority of the album (as expected) and is delivered upon in a truly beautiful way. Furthermore, this is a record that while classified in the alternative rock genre, is one of much variety and unexpectedness, differentiating itself from other bands in the sound with much ease. Case in point, on “Wildfire”, there’s essentially an orchestral breakdown that has a spoken word passage layered on top, offering up an enticingly memorable sound.  The switch-up in sound continues again as “Cold Tea” lets the bands roots seep through instrumentally while it’s followed up by a very new-age Bring Me the Horizon inspired sound in “A Letter to a Dead Friend”, that is a culmination of Vaultry’s approach taken with Eulogy.

There’s a multitude of ways to embrace death and what Vaultry have done is take it head on, not shying away from the precariously devastating situation they had to deal with. In its stead, they decided to keep on as a band and the result is Eulogy, which is a showcase of blending the consequence of death with a message of remembrance and a varied, atmospheric sound that makes for an extremely memorable record and a beautiful, yet hauntingly somber way to kick off the new year.


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