EP Review: Ocean Sleeper – Six Feet Down

The term “cookie cutter” is one that tends to have band connotations associated to it, when in actuality, it’s an easier way to explain something that is typical. Typical, or generic, or any other word one would like to use in its stead doesn’t mean bad, but today’s society has essentially shifted it towards having a double meaning. In music, generic is the more populous term and describes bands that follow a typical formula and do much, if anything, to deviate from the genre they fall under. With the modern day push towards innovation, experimentation and progression, there’s still a place for these bands and one such outfit is Australian metalcore act Ocean Sleeper, who are set to release their new EP, Six Feet Down, which wholly falls under the aforementioned labels. 

[tw-toggle title=”About Ocean Sleeper”]
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: January 13, 2017
Connect: Facebook
Purchase: iTunes / Google Play 

Upon first listen, it is quickly evident in its similarities to heavy-hitters The Amity Affliction as Ocean Sleeper have a sound that will ultimately remind listeners of the beloved outfit, but that’s where one of the problem lies with this release. This is a relatively safe release and plays by the numbers of the metalcore genre, putting the most glaring issue of Six Feet Down at the forefront; it’s lack of an “it” factor. By no means is this a bad release, it just doesn’t offer a unique spin or sound to really stand out from its peers within the genre. What the EP offers is everything that metalcore fans should be familiar with in bruising breakdowns and silky smooth choruses intermingled with your typical scream, breakdown, singing chorus formula. The band does their best to stand out by adding some theatrical electronics throughout, but after a full listen it is hard to distinguish each song from each other as they start to blend together.

Ocean Sleeper – Six Feet Down (Official Video)

BUY OUR EP: https://sixfeetdown.lnk.to/JRh9V CATCH US AT UNIFY GATHERING 2019 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/oceansleeper MERCH: http://oceansleeper.bigcartel.com IG: @oceansleeper Lyrics: where do i begin i just feel so hollow everything is just falling apart around me i hold these secrets to my teeth no one will know a thing whats inside me i

Granted, this is the bands debut EP so they have plenty of time to grow and improve, but overall Six Feet Down ends up being a good, but not great record falling perfectly into the middle of the scale. That being said, fans looking for something more stereotypical of the metalcore genre will most likely find an enjoyable record that harkens back to a sound that is seemingly diminishing. The biggest standout on the record ends up being the title track and EP closer as the choruses are catchy, accentuated by some excellent synths and leans more heavily on singing than in previous tracks, which is perhaps the route that Ocean Sleeper takes with their follow up release.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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