EP Review: From Inside – The New Era

Innovation, especially in technology and entertainment, tends to come in massive waves between periods of stagnation. It takes a breakthrough from someone or a group of people that results in a new take or massive advancement before competitors come in and inevitably put their own spin on it. In music, innovation within the metalcore scene had become extremely stagnant over the past few years until as of late, with a revival of nu-metal aesthetics with a metalcore twist. Even then, many bands stick to their bread and butter, that’s why it’s surprising to come across a band that is able to truly take those familiar elements and combine them into something relatively fresh. This is where UK metalcore act From Inside have arisen as they gear up to release their debut EP, A New Era, which draws influences from bands such as Bring Me the Horizon and Linkin Park, while still firmly having it’s own signature sound and identity.

[tw-toggle title=”About From Inside”]
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: January 13, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

While there are only a handful of songs found on A New Era (five tracks in total), there’s a fair bit of meat and depth to the actual content presented. The EP clocks in at just over 21 minutes and pulls in the listener straight from the start, through a solid utilization of different musical genre elements, vocal delivery styles and strong programming efforts. As a whole, it’s a comprehensive showcase of the talent amongst all the members of From Inside, and one that is surprisingly cohesive for a debut. When it comes to what to expect sonically, the album opener “Still Breathing” gives listeners a fair representation of what to expect from the band through it’s usage of thematic electronics, crushing breakdowns, harsh and clean vocals all tinged with a dash of nu-metal, giving it a unique flavor.

FROM INSIDE – Be Yourself (Official Music Video)

Official music video for FROM INSIDE – Be Yourself http://www.facebook.com/frominsideuk http://twitter.com/frominsideuk http://www.frominside.co.uk Be Yourself is taken from The New Era EP which is out now! You can stream the entire EP on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal or any other music streaming website.

These elements carry over throughout the remaining four tracks and help push the theme to the forefront while retaining a cinematic element that stands out strongly from other metalcore acts. There’s an innate emotional weight brought forth by the strong vocals and instrumentation setpieces that helps maintain the balance between the heavy side and the melodic side, especially on “Be Yourself (For No One Else)”. From Inside never rely on one thing and prove they are more than just a band with a few tricks up its sleeve. One of the highlights on the album is easily Two Sides of Me. The song is an emotional journey that touches on the hardships of mental issues.

From Inside never rely on one thing and prove they are more than just a band with a few tricks up its sleeve throughout the whole of The New Era. This is a release that is about accepting oneself and dealing and overcoming obstacles that every individual on this planet deals with, and it’s delivered in a fantastic way. With an incredibly polished sound and strong composition, especially for a debut, the band displays an impressive amount of versatility and maturity all whilst staying true to their roots and desired sound. All of these add up to making The New Era an incredible early surprise to a year surely to be full of standout music and leaves From Inside as a band to be watched.

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