Elsa Carmona Releases New Single “Run Baby Run”

Elsa Carmona has released her second single, “Run Baby Run”, which is a dark and sensuous twist on Swedish pop. The track delves into an atmospheric soundscape, mixing deep bass lines and brooding synths with a euphoric chorus. Co-written and produced by Fredrik Okazaki (Robyn, Seinabo Sey), Elsa’s smooth, additive tones, create a powerful yet dream-like pop song with an R&B tinge that hints to the likes of BANKS.

Elsa explains, “It’s a song about overthrowing any kind of dominant power, and it’s a song about revenge. I wrote it after being obsessed with Penny Dreadful, so I was using Vanessa Ives’ showdown with the devil as inspiration.”

Run Baby Run by E C

Written by Elsa Carmona, Fredrik Okazaki and Marcus Andersson Produced by Fredrik Okazaki

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