Album Review: Megosh – Apostasy

Sometimes to bring out the very best in ourselves, it means we must completely abandon our comfort zone. And that’s just what Megosh did with their newest release Apostasy. After the impressive response of their most recent EP Body Work, the progressive-rock outfit set out to the mountains of Cherokee, NC to regather themselves and focus on bringing out the absolute best for their first full-length album. When the band members say that they “deserted” themselves from everything, they truly meant everything. No cellphone service or internet, just the four men and their instruments secluded within four walls. And the outcome — undeniably worth it.

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Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Outerloop Records
Release: December 16, 2016
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Megosh has managed to prove their individual talents and create a whole new sound with the many layers and textures within the tracks. The opening track “Checkerboards and Cigarettes” begins with an impressive riffage and sets the mood for the rest of the album. Front-man Josh Grosscup’s shows off his incredible range of vocals throughout the tracks, particularly in “Carrying Fire” with featured guest Garrett Rapp from The Color Morale. Some of the tracks may take you by surprise, beginning with a slow melodic tune and rushing to a harsh and fast tempo. Apostasy has raw feel to it with surprising accents of pop and alternative metal, along with electronics that complement their music without over-powering it. For many bands it is a struggle to try and step out of their comfort zone and create something that is very much true to themselves, yet Megosh have managed to do exactly that with great success, exceeding all expectations.

Megosh “Checkerboards & Cigarettes”

Get Apostasy now: The stage is set, please take your seats, it’s a show you won’t soon forget The latrine’s down the hall, past the refreshments, by the exits where nurses go blacken their lungs Chains seal the doors at all of the wings Though the doctors are in on it, cops won’t catch wind of it ’till this place is flooded in flames In this hotel California guests wear their best-which are white matching sets of straps and slacks Why’s the raven like the writing desk?

When all is said and done, when it comes to Apostasy, listeners will undoubtedly be surprised that this is the same band who created Body Works as the evolution in songwriting and maturity, along with the progression in sound, almost seems as if it’s a new band. This is a record that is inspired, showcased by their methodology that is at the root of its creation with their desire to do something outside the box and “disconnecting” from life (so to speak) from a moment of time. As Megosh have inherently stated, this was the truest way to represent themselves and what they wanted to do, and it’s clearly paid off in spades.

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