Album Review: The Funeral Portrait – A Moment of Silence

So many of life’s greatest fears are connected with the unknown. For many, the greatest unknown is what happens after death. The topic of after-death is one that is usually discussed within tight circles. We tend to face this fear by conjuring up our own personal beliefs. Whether you believe in the concept of heaven or that we are simply chemical reactions and electrical impulses, most of us can agree that the dispute of life after death is anything but black and white. While many bands tend to shy away from such controversial themes, Atlanta’s theatrical post-hardcore outfit, The Funeral Portrait tread onto these dangerous grounds with their newest release A Moment of Silence to paint us a mental picture of one man’s discovery of the afterlife.

[tw-toggle title=”About The Funeral Portrait”]
Genre: Theatricore
Label: Revival Recordings
Release: December 16, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

The Funeral Portrait have crafted a unique sound both lyrically and musically. Between the heavy and rhythmic patterns, and the blend of the melodic vocals of front-man Lee Jennings and the background screams and vocals of guitarist Juergie Landstorm, A Moment of Silence pulls the listener into the darkness of the unknown. The dynamics of each track help to captivate the emotions of different phases as the character of the album travels through the unexpected. The bands newest release is inspiring in more ways than one, leaving its listeners to wonder if we can trust in the promises of the eternal life after death. The Funeral Portrait’s willingness to pull the triggers of such delicate and polemic subjects proves that this band is anything but typical.

The Funeral Portrait – A Moment of Silence

The Funeral Portrait — ‘A Moment of Silence’ — from the album A Moment of Silence available 12/16/16.

As this decade of music nears its end, the next step of evolution is being showcased in music throughout all genres. That’s why it’s not all too rare to find a band that presents something unexpected; yet at the same time, The Funeral Portrait have created something that criss-crosses boundaries, defies expectations and showcases something extremely versatile and unconventional. Even with this being labeled in the theatricore genre, it’s ultimately something wholly unique and appreciable — and a release that needs to be listened to.

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