Album Review: If I Were You – Life After Death

The music world is a constant moving idea as bands shuffle in and out of the spotlight due to shifts in demographics, sounds, styles and more. What was once popular eventually lost its luster and something new came into the fold, replacing it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t fans that long for the sounds of yesterday; after all it tends to be what got them into the styles of music they adore and most everyone always has a spot in their heart for nostalgia. As a result of these fans along with their own personal reasoning and artistic expression, some musicians don’t see a need or have a desire to follow the ebb and flow of the industry as they’ve found a place where their sound fully fits. Poughkeepsie, New York natives If I Were You are one such band as their discography is purely an evolution of their initial sound that’s steeped in electronically driven post hardcore with pop sensibilities. With the bands new record, Life After Death, they once again build upon the foundation they’ve created in their short career thus far, delivering a record that is easily their best work yet and one that will have not only old fans, but new ones alike clamoring for more.

[tw-toggle title=”About If I Were You”]
Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Manifest Records
Release: December 16, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

For those unfamiliar with If I Were You, they have built a name utilizing the “electronicore” sound; a sound that blends a multitude of electronic elements with the heavy nature of post hardcore or metalcore. While many may think this blend is an easy task, the reality of it is that it’s a truly hard thing to do in order to make the music flow and feel as one. This has led to a vast array of bands departing from the realm and opting to stay in a more solid or singular realm. That isn’t the case on Life After Death, or any other If I Were You record as these guys have become a true pioneer in the sound with their incredible composition, allowing for a seamless blend of layered electronics and fluttering synths intermixed with heavier, hard hitting instrumentation. By combining catchy riffs, visceral breakdowns and the electronic elements so stylistically, they not only stand out musically, but also showcase a surprising amount of maturity and overall musicianship for their craft, even for their relative “newness” to the scene.

If I Were You – Pull Me Under

New single from the upcoming album Life After Death Song Recorded and Produced at Pasquarella Recordings Video by Sonder Productions Lyrics Decaying hands they reach for me They’re telling me, telling me that there’s no choice at all The whispers sound so sweet How can I even resist?

Even with Life After Death being a short eight tracks (two of which are brief intro/interludes), there’s a large amount of versatility and talent on display as If I Were You seem to excel in nearly every aspect of their craft. The screams are versatile, yet brutal as they range from high shrieks to hard hitting lows while the cleans balance off of them wonderfully with a sense of calmness, further showcased by the incredibly infectious and catchy choruses. From an instrumentation standpoint, the guitar-work freely flows as it ranges from bouncy riffs to bone crushing breakdowns, further exacerbated by emotional, sweeping guitar leads while the bass and drumming lay the groundwork underneath the electronics.  The band clearly has talent at every position and has made sure that Life After Death would not showcase a singular aspect of the band; instead it showcases a cohesive, talented group of musicians who all clearly have the same mindset when it comes to their craft.

While the wait hasn’t necessarily been easy for fans, it’s easy to see why Life After Death took so long as it’s an exemplary display of what strong musicianship and composition is capable of. Not only is this the bands best work to date, it gives off a feeling that this is the release that will help them make some waves in the scene. Even with it’s release at the end of the year, If I Were You have made a release that should not be missed and one that could be a sleeper hit, finding a long lasting spot in many playlists well into 2017. This is clearly a small sample of what these guys are capable of and their next release is one we are already eagerly anticipating.



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