Civil Youth Launch Episode 1 of Studio Video Series ‘Making Conversation’

With the release of their third album, Conversations, set for May 19, 2017, Civil Youth have documented the trip into the studio through a video series titled Making Conversation. Today, the band have dropped the first video in the series which will run until the albums release in the Spring.

“‘Making Conversation: Studio Updates from Civil Youth’ is a mini documentary series depicting Civil Youth’s time in the studio recording our 3rd full length album, “Conversations” which is set for release May 19th, 2017. Through turbulent and some of the best times of our lives, watch what it’s like to record parts, talk with the band, and see inside what a day in the studio is like. This series will depict what it’s really like to be in a band from all aspects as well as capture the energy of the record itself. “Conversations”, which happens to be a concept album, tells our story of comparing our present day selves to people we once were, as well as people we want to be. This record enhances everything about Civil Youth, and truly lets our voices be heard.

In this first video of the series, our goal is to get those points across. We cannot wait to release the full album, but for now, let your imagination run wild!” – Michael Kepko

Civil Youth – Making Conversation Ep 1 (CONVERSATIONS Studio Updates)

Purchase “Conversations” here: Stream on Spotify here: SUBSCRIBE NOW! Making Conversation is a mini-documentary series depicting our time creating our latest album “Conversations”. See inside the recording process + all the times we go to Wawa for hoagies… Also, all our plans for the upcoming year!

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