Album Review: Mako – Hourglass

No matter the length, the consequences or the outcome, every journey people embark on in life is a story that will live with them and the ones it had an effect on, good or bad. These stories are what make every single person in this world unique, from the various backgrounds they grew up in and the path they end up taking later in life and most importantly, to their successes and failures and how every single person responds to them. As Alex Seaver and Logan Light, the duo behind Mako can attest, it’s the differences between millions of individuals that find a relatable or connectable story found within music that is the true beauty behind the madness in the creative world. Over the years, these guys have seen a fan-base attach to their sound in a different way compared to many electronic artists, and fittingly so as they’ve strayed from the monotonous and predictable sounds of modern day dance. Now, with their debut album Hourglass soon to be unleashed upon fans worldwide, the duo takes their sound to a new plane and offers up something that truly is art.

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Genre: Electronic / Dance
Label: Ultra Music
Release: December 9, 2016
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For those unfamiliar with Mako, they initially had a sound steeped in the world of dance music, with building basslines, soaring vocal melodies and catchy, rhythmic drops. In terms of defining them by a genre, they very much lived in the realm of progressive house with their core sound, while slightly stepping out of their comfort zone for brief moments. As they began work on their debut album, their sound changed as they shifted towards incorporating a variety of influences from life lessons, stories from people they met and other genres. This is what makes Hourglass as much a familiar face as it is a new friend as Mako presents a refined musical aesthetic that has evolved from their days of dance music, to a sound that now is openly influenced by the likes of pop, indie rock and more. These influences are shown vividly from the first subtle opening build of “Let Go of the Wheel” and its message of simpler times to the ending crescendo of “Our Story (Hourglass Finale)”, brilliant rework of a beloved track that serves as an ode to childhood innocence.

Mako – Let Go Of The Wheel (Cover Art)

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Speaking of the record itself, Hourglass presents an extremely varied, detailed and rich soundscape that truly captures the nuances of what electronic music offers over other genres. That is to say, Mako have an innate ability to create a magical sound that is simply more than music as they take listeners back throughout their own journey of simpler times, finding solace, misadventure and their childhood. With these themes in hand, the production for each track was meticulously crafted to fit the mood appropriately and there is no better display of that as the record flows from the somber, acoustic driven “Wish You Back” to the progressive dance numbers “Into the Sunset” and “Run for Your Life” while falling back to the budding indie sound on “Paradise Lost”. Even with such a spanning variety of influences and instrumental set-pieces, Hourglass has no massive bumps in the road in regards to overall flow due to the strong composition of each individual track while still incorporating elements of previous songs giving the record a more cohesive feel. The biggest detraction against the record itself is that it’s filled with a multitude of already released tracks and is not full of new material, even though the vast majority of the tracks still feel as fresh as the day they were released.

The true driving force behind electronic music differs so much compared to other genres of music due to the inherent nature of how it is created and because of those differences, it all starts and stops with both Alex Seaver and Logan Light. Aptly put, this is just as much an ode to themselves as it is their fans and truly feels as if it’s only the beginning of many great things to come. The outcome is a more than a collection of songs that were compiled under the moniker of Mako into a record that happens to be titled Hourglass; it’s the journey that got the duo to where they are now and the people that connect to their music, letting their imagination run wild and dancing well into the sunset.

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