Sinking. Release Debut Single + Video for “Bloom”

Boise, ID synth pop duo Sinking. have released their debut single and music video entitled “Bloom”, which sees the video take a cinematic approach on the dark story that the duo is telling lyrically. The duo is currently working on finishing their debut release that is slated to be released next year.

I think what Darian and I are doing is really exciting. Both of us have alot of diverse influences. Chvrches being one of my favorites. It’s cool to see how it all comes together. It feels like something natural but also challenging ourselves as artists. This song tells a bit of a dark story lyrically. I’d like to think beautiful things can come from the narratives like that.” – Kyle Ekstrom (Vocals/Synths/Samplers)

I’m really excited to be a part of such a passionate project making such meaningful music. Kyle and I came together with the same intentions, which can be really rare to find in another musician. We have a lot of the same influences even though we come from different musical backgrounds, which I think only makes our collaboration more powerful. Bloom was such a fun video to shoot and has such haunting cinematic qualities, I’m sincerely so excited to share it and can’t wait to see what our future brings.” – Darian Renee (Vocals/Synths/Samplers)

Sinking. – Bloom

Music video for Bloom performed by Sinking.. iTunes: Google Play Store:–Lnw Copyright (C) 2016 Sinking.. — Powered by

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