Album Review: Sienna Skies – A Darker Shade of Truth

Decades ago, stability was a key aspect of bands in the music industry; then again, it was simpler times for bands who strived to make a living out of being a musician as the internet didn’t quite exist at that time. Thus, it seems that in this day and age lineup changes are an inevitability. A large majority of bands go through it and it often can be rough, especially when you have to replace a vocalist. Enter Sydney metalcore act Sienna Skies who have dealt with this exact scenario as they lost their previous vocalist, Steve Faull and underwent the difficult task of replacing him. Fortunately for the band and fans alike, they found an excellent replacement in Thomas Pirozzi as fans were able to get a taste of what he brought to the table on their reissue of previous album Seasons. Fast forward to the here and now, and the band are on the cusp of releasing their fourth studio album A Darker Shade of Truth. Fans need not be worried as the inclusion of Pirozzi is a huge step forward for the band, possibly making A Darker Shade of Truth one of their best releases yet.

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Release: December 2, 2016
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One of the more evident things that Pirozzi brings to the table is the emotional weight not necessarily felt as much on previous releases. Sienna Skies have taken a massive step forward by doing so, especially since their drastic lineup changes and its noticeable as songs like “Misdirection” and “Quarterlife” balance the aggression and melody nicely. As a whole, the screaming on the album is brutal and aggressive while the singing reels everything back in with melody and it’s infectious choruses. The aforementioned emotional weight compliments this as it ranges from somber to straight up aggression as the band balances both with the usual prowess that fans have come to expect. The songs on A Darker Shade of Truth seem to not blend together as much as it has in the past, giving them their own inherent uniqueness in sound and leaving a more satiating feeling when digesting the record.

Sienna Skies – Where Mountain Meets Man

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Aside from the considerable improvement in the vocals, Sienna Skies also seems to have improved instrumentally with a large step up in creativity and implementation in the musicality of the record. Each song is bursting with emotion, catchy riffs and sweeping leads allowing each one to form its own identity, helping each song stand out in its own way. The drumming also remains a backbone for the record whether its its breakneck pace or pounding double bass. Often, bands run into issues with having filler songs, but there are no fillers on A Darker Shade of Truth. Even the instrumental song “Clear Eyes, Full Heart” is emotional, somber and compliments the rest of the album wonderfully, giving a different pace to the music.

Overall, A Darker Shade of Truth ends up being the bands most emotional and solid release to date. Sienna Skies prove that despite drastic changes, there can always be a silver lining as this is a complete record, full of infectious choruses, hard hitting breakdowns and emotional guitar leads combine to make this record worthy of both metalcore fans and non fans alike.

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