Led By Lanterns Release “Save A Life” Music Video

Birmingham four piece Łed By Łanterns have released an incredibly poignant new single, titled ‘Save A Life’. The aim of the single, and accompanying video, is to raise awareness of knife crime amongst young people. The single can be purchased via this link, with profits going to the victims of knife crime and their families.

Many lives are affected in the UK as a result of knife crime. When Łed By Łanterns found out about the ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ campaign, they immediately knew they wanted to be involved.

Łed By Łanterns comment:

We had no idea that knife crime in the UK was this horrific. There is a knife attack every 4 minutes in the UK alone. After seeing the scale of the angel sculpture, made from thousands of seized or surrendered knives, it really became so real for us and we wanted to help the mission to reduce the number of knives on the UK streets. We suggested that we help spread awareness of the campaign in the only way we could, which was to write and release a song about it all. We called the song ‘Save A Life’.

We’ve met some amazing, strong people throughout this mission including Rachel Webb, who sadly lost her son Tom in a knife attack this January. She has been absolutely amazing in helping us out by starring in the music video. Hearing her story and feeling her emotion first hand has hit us hard. To think that there are countless more people like her, going through similar situations is absolutely heart breaking.

‘Save A Life’ is a lot more than just a song. We really hope that it will make a difference. If just one person reconsiders carrying a knife after hearing the song or seeing the music video, then we would feel like we’ve achieved something.

Led By Lanterns – Save A Life (Official Video)

BUY SONG NOW: Bandcamp: http://ledbylanterns.bandcamp.com/track/save-a-life HELP TACKLE KNIFE CRIME: Sign the petition to give the Knife Angel capital exposure to raise awareness of the campaign: http://surrenderyourknife.co.uk/support/government-petition-to-see-capital-exposure/ READ RACHEL’S STORY: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-37990648 LYRICS 25 to life is what I’m heading for but I can see no signs of an exit or an escape, these streets are taking me away.

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