Candiria Release “The Whole World Will Burn” Music Video

Candiria have premiered the music video for their song “The Whole World Will Burn” via Metal Injection today. The song lives on the Brooklyn band’s new record While They Were Sleeping, which is out now via Metal Blade and is a concept album conceived by the band’s lead vocalist Carley Coma. While They Were Sleeping tells the tale of a failed musician who rises up against a monarchy in New York City.

“The Candiria Five Boroughs Tour was an idea conceived by our team many months before our record came out,” said bassist Michael MacIvor. “We wanted to give a little payback to all of our fans located in the boroughs. They have been traveling to see us for years. So we wanted to go to them this time. And we had an amazing time doing it. The people in these under-served markets were so happy and grateful for us coming to them. That it really was an experience the band will cherish forever.”

He continued, “We think that the video for ‘The Whole World Will Burn’ truly captured the vibe of a band from NYC. And how we interact with our people. Frank Godla did a great job. He is from NYC and a fan of the band. So he was able to capture everything we wanted. Frank is someone that we love working with, because first and foremost, he is a friend. He gets the band. He gets our vibe. And he knows what we want without us having to explain things in depth.”

Candiria “The Whole World Will Burn” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Candiria’s “The Whole World Will Burn” from “While They Were Sleeping.” Directed by Frank Godla / @frankinjection IG/Twitter Subscribe:

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