Former Faces Release New Track “Back Up a Minute”

LA indie rock band Former Faces have shared a new single entitled “Back Up a Minute,” an atmospheric, melancholy tale of loss and moving on. The track premiered exclusively at Buzzbands LA, who refers to it as “a gorgeous, spacious reverie.”

“I wrote ‘Back Up a Minute’ a few weeks ago shortly after the death of my grandfather,” explains vocalist Ryan Parmenter. “The verses are a final conversation I wish we’d had, and the choruses are a reminder that loss is a universal experience. At some point, we all long to move on.”

Back Up a Minute by Former Faces

Written & Produced by Ryan Parmenter || Break free from your static state of mind. Don’t look back, you’re heading down the road to forgetting this rag tag, tumbling, no fair paradigm. Searching for a way of forgiving. And they wanna tear you down and build you up again.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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