Dreamshade Release New Single “Up All Night”

European juggernauts Dreamshade have returned with a polished sound and the drive to make a name for themselves in the active rock scene, all of which can be heard and felt on their new album Vibrant. The record is out December 9 via Artery Recordings. Today, the band have released their new track “Up All Night” via Revolver. Check it out below.

Guitarist/vocalist Fernando “Fella” Di Cicco said, “This is the last song we’ve written for this record and when we entered the studio we had no idea about how the vocals and lyrics would have been on this one so we decided to record it at the end of the session. By the time we recorded all the other songs, we were so damn tired—we had been in the studio day and night for 10 weeks—we decided that this song should be about our life in the studio and how hard we’ve been working to get to a point where we feel satisfied and complete. This song is for all those people who keep pursuing their passions no matter what. Those who give everything to get where they wanna be.”

Dreamshade – Up All Night (Track Video)

Purchase ‘Vibrant’ here: Physical: http://smarturl.it/o5g52p iTunes: http://smarturl.it/2rgycf Play: http://smarturl.it/ojli3l DREAMSHADE Facebook: www.facebook.com/dreamshadeband Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dreamshade Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamshade_band Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqydHNZrfCTROhuIVfLsitA Shop: shop.dreamshade.ch Lyrics We stay up all night Working hard and holding tight to make it. Don’t you know what it’s like? Don’t you know? I feel it. I need to break away!

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