Hunter Kill Hunter Release New Track “We Are The Blame”

London based Hunter Kill Hunter have released their newest track, “We Are The Blame”, along with a darkly surreal music video. “We Are The Blame” is about sticking to what you believe in, even when nobody else believes in you. We live in a world where if you’re going against the grain and not doing what your fathers before you have done then you’re seen as a failure. This song is about having faith in yourself regardless of what people think and pushing through your lowest points. Pushing yourself through times when you just want to give in.

The band explain:
“We have all faced ridicule whilst growing up, and it is often hard to not let that deter you from being what you truly want to be. This song is for everyone else who has also felt like this at any point in their life, as well as a call out to anyone who has ever tried to put us down.

The ‘King’ character in the video represents all those that have ever put pressure on us to live a certain way or put us down for living the way we choose to. It represents anyone that has ever spoken ill of us about something behind our backs, but retracted the comments when face to face.
He also represents the negativity we hold within ourselves, often brought about by external influences. The King is eventually responsible for his own demise by way of his gluttony and general toxicity.”


New music video for ‘We Are The Blame’ by Hunter Kill Hunter. * * * Hunter Kill Hunter – Without Freedom: Find our debut EP ‘Find A Way Home’ on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Bandcamp now! or…

What Are Your Thoughts!

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