Chaos in The House of Blues: Attila Show Review

October 18th, Attila set off for “The Chaos Tour,” which is possibly one of the band’s most aggressive tours yet. With guests Chelsea Grin, Emmure, and Sylar, the band made a pit stop in Cleveland, Ohio at the House of Blues last Tuesday, October 25th.

It just so happened that the day of the show was the exact same day as the world series game between the Indians and the Cubs. With the Indians stadium located just a few streets down from the House of Blues, a sea of baseball fans surrounded the venue and filled the pavements of Euclid Avenue. On top of this taking place on a Tuesday night, I half expected there to be a small crowd at the show. To my surprise, the venue was jammed packed from the moment I walked in.

The show opened with Sylar, a nu-metal band from Queens, New York. Presenting a blend of clean and unclean vocals along with a fusion of rap, the 5-piece made quite an impression on the crowd when they took on the stage. The band performed songs from their album, To Whom It May Concern, as well as their most recent album, Help!, which the crowd had already memorized. Considering the rapid growth of fans from all over for the past year or so, it seems that Cleveland isn’t the only place Sylar has made an imprint on.

Followed up was Emmure, another band based out of Queens, New York. These guys put on a performance like no other. I will say that Emmure is not for everyone. The band’s lyrics are blatantly honest, perhaps a little too honest for some people. Although not everyone is a fan of Emmure, the band does an exceptional job of captivating real-life issues; it seems that their loyal fans find comfort in the honest and angry lyrics. Between Frankie Palmeri’s endless energy and roaring vocals, the heavy guitar riffs and lyrics that display total anger, Emmure gives off an energy that could make any crowd break out in a riot.


With each group that came on stage, the crowd grew more and more wild. Chelsea Grin appeared next, a death-core band based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The band performed some of their heaviest-hitting songs from their most recent album, Self Inflicted. Chelsea Grin has a progressive and heavy style with brutal beats and crowd pleasing breakdowns. Several mosh pits broke out throughout the bands set-list. Some of the band members even joined the crowd towards the end of their performance. These guys are another group that does not sit still from the moment they stomp on stage, adding more hype to the crowd’s excitement for the closing performance.

Lastly, Attila arrived on stage to top off the party. Before the night even began, I discovered right away that Attila fans are a unique breed of their own. Chanting “Suck my fuck” while eagerly waiting for the guys to reveal themselves, the crowd was tearing down the House of Blues before the show could even begin. Of all the shows and crowds that I’ve experienced, none compare to the amount of chaos that Attila fans can conjure up (which explains the name of the tour). As a music photographer, I’ve grown accustomed to maneuvering around in a photo-pit. Within seconds of Attila attacking the stage, I learned that wasn’t the case with these guys. Once lead singer Chris Fronzak told the fans to crowd surf to the front and give him a high five, the fans came gliding across the heads of the crowd like fish in water.

Hanging on the stage was their famous backdrop which states “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content.” If you’ve listened to even a few of their lyrics, you understand why. The members of Attila dominated the stage with their presence and charisma. They performed some of their most popular songs such as “About That Life,” “Middle Fingers Up,” and “Party with the Devil.

In the middle of the set, the band picked two members from the crowd to bring on stage for a show down. Two guys were brought up and performed their best growls and screams. The winner stayed on stage to perform with the band. The members of Attila welcomed their fan as if he were one of them. In fact, the guy performed so well, if you were just walking in and didn’t know any better, one could easily mistake the fan for being a part of the band. At one point Chris told the entire crowd to get down low to the floor, which the entire crowd did just that. After everyone was calm and low, the crowd exploded the moment Chris said “Jump.”

Even if you’re not a fan of the band, you can’t help but have a great amount of respect for the members. It’s clear to see that these guys pour every ounce of their energy into the fans. The only time the crowd wasn’t stomping or tearing down the house was when the music stopped and Chris spoke. Chris Fronzak has a way of capturing the fans, making it seem as if he is sitting down and having a casual conversation with each and every person in the building. Although they are a unique and rambunctious breed, Attila fans are some of the most devoted, as well as the Attila crew themselves.

For a chance to experience one of the most aggressive shows of your life, be sure to check out the dates for The Chaos Tour.

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