Veridia Release “Still Breathing” Music Video

Alternative rockers Veridia have released their thrilling and haunting music video for their newest single, “Still Breathing”.

“Still Breathing” shares the important message of dealing with fear, something frontwoman Deena Jakoub’s deals with on personal level and is portrayed in the music video.

“I don’t write because I have all the answers or because I want everyone to think I’m in this really good place,” says Jakoub. “In fact, I am struggling, I am still healing, I am human. ‘Still Breathing’ was written to say, I feel you, we’re all struggling through something, and though there are some things we may solely have to endure on our own, we don’t have to process it alone.

This song was birthed out of fear and grew into an anthem of strength and conquering for me. I have a chronic illness that takes fear to the next level, and when I am over-stressed, anxiety and panic chase me down no matter how fast I run. What I’ve recently learned and keeps me going, is to actually slow down and find something to be grateful for in that day, in that moment. When I wrote this song, my gratitude was literally focused on being alive, having been given a chance to breathe another breath into the day. Sometimes all you need is a shift in perspective.

Vulnerability can be painful, but I think it’s worth it if someone else can be empowered by what you’ve endured. I share because I hope that someone finds strength through what I’ve learned in my weakness. ”

VERIDIA // “Still Breathing” [official music video]

VERIDIA’s official music video for “Still Breathing” – Single out now on Word Entertainment, A Curb Company. Download it at Lyrics below.

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