Youth In Revolt Announce Debut Album ‘The Broken’

Alternative rock outfit Youth in Revolt have announced their debut album, The Broken, will be released 1/20/17 via Outerloop Records. After adding former Brightwell members Tanner Manoir (vocals) and Arvin Sarathy (drums) to an impressive lineup with original members Kenny Torres (Vocals, Bass), Alex Ramos (Guitar), and Chris Coletti (Guitar), Youth in Revolt are in their biggest year yet. The band released the first piece of music with the new lineup, a cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Something in the Way You Move”on September 21st, to great acclaim. The tracks on The Broken were produced by Taylor Larson at Oceanic Recording, and vocals produced by Josh Buckner and Nick Matzkows at The Foundation. Here is what Kenny Torres had to say about the release:

“Writing The Broken was such an interesting experience. We took so many risks and tried so many new things, it was such a rollercoaster of emotions. We came to the studio with an overwhelming 34 songs and a couple demos. After listening to them with Taylor Larson, we just decided we should just rewrite the entire record. During that process, we stayed at his house in Bethesda, Maryland and adapted to the city and the studio. Every day and night we spent writing, recording or learning the new songs that were coming together. Whether it was tracking screams at 5am, or tracking guitars at 5pm, almost every hour of the day we were working. It truly was the most fun, and creative experience we’ve had as a band. We expanded our sound, minds, and achieved things that seemed impossible and out of our reach.

The album is a collection of experiences we can all relate to, and each song is significant in it’s own way. However, the title track ‘The Broken’ is not only our favorite song but one that describes what we went through in the process of writing this record. We as a band were broken and had basically broken up but we’ve been able to piece ourselves back together and are now joined by our good friends Tanner and Arvin and original guitarist Chris. We couldn’t have pulled through and made this record without the guys at Oceanic Recording, The Foundation Studio, and and all of our fans who support us and give us the drive to continue to do what we love to inspire positivity and creativity. ” –  Kenny Torres


[tw-toggle title=”The Broken Tracklist”]
1. The Noise
2. Love is a Liar’s Game
3. Not Giving Up
4. The Broken
5. Brisbane
6. Don’t Wait for Me
7. There for You
8. I’m Not Scared
9. Alright
10. Sleep
11. Only One

What Are Your Thoughts!

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