Alex Di Leo Drops “Waking Up” Music Video

Alternative indie singer/songwriter Alex Di Leo have released a new track and music video for “Waking Up”, taken from his forthcoming debut solo EP So We Go, out 11/4. While the instrumentation may sound lighthearted, the lyrical content of “Waking Up” is a progression of mixed emotions. In the video, Alex finds himself hypothetically waking up after ambiguous lengths of time have passed in a purgatorial relationship state. The conceptual reality of what is actually happening in the video is Alex laying in the bath fully clothed thinking to himself about the journey, as everything else visualized is Alex’s retrospective imagination being played out. Di Leo states, “Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.”

Alex Di Leo – Waking Up (Official Music Video)

iTunes: | Spotify: | Amazon: Connect with Alex Di Leo – | | Official Music Video for Miami based singer Alex Di Leo’s 2016 single Waking Up LYRICS: Taste this, cuz it’s lost and I can feel it disappearing Worst part was the waiting

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