Mansell Release New Single “A Note 2 Myself”

Photo Credit: Caleb Arias

Atlanta three-pice Mansell have released a new single, “A Note 2 Myself”, from their upcoming debut album Mantra, out 11/11.

This is just a song for daydreaming,” says vocalist/guitarist Holden Fincher. “It’s sort of a running joke about how vague or in my head I can be and this is sort of musically and lyrically narrating the act of that. The ending lyrics represent the disconnect within yourself or your world that often leads to the desire to escape or drift. That drift becomes isolation as time passes leaving you wishing to attach more with your heart and other people more than with your mind over analyzing every part of itself.

Musically, the track captures the late 80’s and 90’s alternative sound and tonality. “The guitars and bass tones harbored more from the vibe of bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and the Smiths. We wanted a rawness that was still beautiful and came with a bit of shimmer naturally,” says Fincher.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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