Seaway Premieres New Music Video for “Slam”

Canadian pop punk outfit Seaway have premiered the music video for their song “Slam”, taken from their most recent album, Colour Blind, out now. The new video comes just days after the band kicked off a North American tour with The Wonder Years and Real Friends. Tickets are on sale now!

“Putting the slam video together was a different process than any video we’ve done before. If you’re unfamiliar with our older stuff, we’ve generally made our music videos as action packed, off the wall wild as possible (think 90’s gushers commercials meets American pie). With “Slam,” we wanted to make the video a bit more mature than what we’ve done in the past, while still being true to the band. We enlisted the help of our longtime friend Miguel Barbosa (YEAH!Films) to direct the video. He wanted to find a house with some serious character to it and just shoot the hell out of it. The house he landed on was owned by a former Canadian Mob boss (google Paul Volpe) and it probably had more history in it than we could learn in a day. We just tried to emulate the character of the house in our performance. We loaded in our gear, had a drink, and rocked a gig. Hope you enjoy.” – Ryan Locke (vocals)

What Are Your Thoughts!

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