Awake The Dreamer Stream New EP ‘Grow’

Metalcore outfit Awake The Dreamer are now streaming their new EP ‘Grow’, which is also available for purchase now. This is what the band had to say about their new release:

“This EP is a collection of our thoughts and feelings from this last year of being Awake The Dreamer as well as personal feelings and experiences that relate to the ”Grow” concept.

This EP is about growing as both a band and as persons and realizing that you have the power to shape your own life and future into what you really dream about having. To realize that you are as much of a human as all the so called ”politicians”, the successful business owners, your favorite musician, and so on. You have just as much power to affect people and carve your name into the earth. It’s about realizing what’s wrong with our society. We’re giving away our most creative hours of the day by going to our jobs that we hate, doing the same thing every day until we die and only experiencing what we were supposed to do in life in our dreams and thoughts, when we have the ability to do those things in real life if we just take a step back and look at our lives and stop doing just the things that we’re told. The things that everyone is told and is obeying without second thought.

The writing process of this EP has been really interesting for us and we have learnt that you can’t just ”make good songs”. You’re capturing a feeling that will not always be there if you had not captured it. We have realized that this is a snapshot of our career, lives and feelings at this moment. This is one step in the never ending process of evolving as a band and as people.”

Awake The Dreamer – Somnium

Grow EP out now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, etc. CONTACT: Facebook: Instagram: Email: Twitter: ATDBandSWE LYRICS: We’re numbing ourselves From reality We’re living this life like it’s our world We’re used to this misery We’re used to this game Posessed by adepts Is this were we’ll fall?

What Are Your Thoughts!

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