Album Review: Atlas Uncharted – Almost and Always

One of the more important aspects of life that is always hammered into us as we grow up, but so often forgotten, is the first impression. Sad to say, but it truly does matter as many people tend to remember it more than any other occurrence with someone or something, almost as if it’s permanently written into people. That being said, if someone is going to make a first impression, better late than never as it is something that has no chance of a do over. Cleveland, OH metalcore outfit Atlas Uncharted made their first impression on the music world with their debut EP, Uncharted, which saw a blend of smooth and sultry R&B inspired cleans and harsh, raw screams layered over hard hitting and pounding instrumentation. With a sound that became permanently engrained in listeners’ ears, there was an almost immediate cry for more as the R&B metal sound drew much praise and helped them stand out from the pack. Fast forward to there here and now and the group is back with their new record, Almost and Always which improves upon their style and previous outings greatly.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: October 14, 2016
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Getting straight to the point, Almost and Always is an excellent example of everything Atlas Uncharted offer up in their sound while showcasing their innate ability to create beautifully composed music in all facets. The instrumentation is on point and flows with the highs and lows of the vocals, the lyrical content is relatable, catchy and stays away from being eye-rolling and the vocal delivery itself showcases two distinct and complimenting styles of harsh screams and lush cleans. Almost and Always is more of an improved progression of their distinct sound as there are stronger R&B elements and more melodic, atmospheric set-pieces created through various synths that set the tone from beginning to end. The intros to nearly all of the tracks are unique in their own right while they carry over elements from the previous tracks, creating a flow throughout the EP that helps it remain extremely replayable and memorable.

Atlas Uncharted – “Ambivalence” (Official Video)

Official Music Video for “Ambivalence” by Atlas Uncharted. Copyright Atlas Uncharted. ———- Stay Connected! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud: ———- Video Directed By Luis Descartes Song Produced By Nick Ingram at Capital House Studio ———- LYRICS: Overwhelmed but I see clearly. The smoke in my lungs, dense and heavy.

In today’s music world, it’s extremely rare for artists to release a project that has more than 3-4 true standout tracks and ones that drive the repeat-ability factor of the record. That isn’t the case on Almost and Always as bar a few hiccups here or there, there is no real filler to be found and each track offers something demanding further listens. “Sanguine” offers the first and one of the strongest glimpses at their R&B sound while “Myself Again” and “Ambivalence” contain a beautiful atmospheric sound via synths and soft riffs. That’s followed up by “Wanderer” which showcases the bands metal side with hard hitting instrumentation and vocals while “The Revivalist” and “Carousels” deliver an underlying rhythmic and bouncy bass-line and vocal approach. With the last two tracks Atlas Uncharted showcase each element of their sound as “In the Nick of Time” is a sultry and sexy R&B ode while the closer, “I’m No Saint” features crunchy riffs, double bass and heavy breakdowns.

Whether it’s the crooning and soaring vocals of Dommie Frusteri, the hard hitting breakdowns among crunchy riffs, pulsating drumming or rhythmic and bouncy-infused bass-lines, Atlas Uncharted have delivered after a lengthy period of silence. There’s a level of excitement and joy that oozes through the music, further enhancing the end result which is a well-paced and intricately crafted release that will be on repeat for quite some time. What they started in 2014 with their debut EP was only a glimpse of what they were capable of and its suffice to say Almost and Always is the exact next step fans of the band have been clamoring for.

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