The Weekly Drop: October 1 – 7

October is upon us and with the first week coming to an end, the music world brings a ridiculous amount of new music. There is quite literally something for everyone and we have a lot to cover so enough chit chatter and on with the weekly drop!

Released 10.07.16

Artist: Alter Bridge
Album: The Last Hero
Genre: Rock

The Last Hero

The Last Hero, an album by Alter Bridge on Spotify

Artist: Balance and Composure
Album: Light We Made
Genre: Rock

Light We Made

Light We Made, an album by Balance And Composure on Spotify

Artist: Call Me King
Album: …And the Snow Will Turn to Ash
Genre: Post Hardcore

…And the Snow Will Turn to Ash

And the Snow Will Turn to Ash, an album by Call Me King on Spotify

Artist: Candiria
Album: While They Were Sleeping
Genre: Metal

While They Were Sleeping

While They Were Sleeping, an album by Candiria on Spotify

Artist: Dance Gavin Dance
Album: Mothership
Genre: Post Hardcore


Mothership, an album by Dance Gavin Dance on Spotify

Artist: Daya
Album: Sit Still Look Pretty
Genre: Dance

Sit Still, Look Pretty

Sit Still, Look Pretty, an album by Daya on Spotify

Artist: Dayshell
Album: Nexus
Genre: Alternative Rock


Nexus, an album by Dayshell on Spotify

Artist: Everyone Dies In Utah
Album: Everyone Dies In Utah
Genre: Post Hardcore

Everyone Dies In Utah

Everyone Dies In Utah, an album by Everyone Dies In Utah on Spotify

Artist: Fit For A King
Album: Deathgrip
Genre: Metalcore


Deathgrip, an album by Fit For A King on Spotify

Artist: Foes
Album: Summit Lies Skyward
Genre: Progressive Post Rock

The Summit Lies Skyward

The Summit Lies Skyward, an album by FOES on Spotify

Artist: Green Day
Album: Revolution Radio
Genre: Punk Rock

Revolution Radio

Revolution Radio, an album by Green Day on Spotify

Artist: GTA
Album: Good Times Ahead
Genre: Trap / Dubstep

Good Times Ahead

Good Times Ahead, an album by GTA on Spotify

Artist: I Fight Fail
Album: Voyages & Vantage Points
Genre: Rock

Voyages and Vantage Points

Voyages and Vantage Points, an album by I Fight Fail on Spotify

Artist: Joyce Manor
Album: Cody
Genre: Rock


Cody, an album by Joyce Manor on Spotify

Artist: Kyng
Album: Breathe in the Water
Genre: Heavy Metal

Breathe In The Water

Breathe In The Water, an album by Kyng on Spotify

Artist: Lido
Album: Everything
Genre: Electronic


Everything, an album by Lido on Spotify

Artist: Meshuggah
Album: The Violent Sleep of Reason
Genre: Technical Metal

The Violent Sleep of Reason

The Violent Sleep of Reason, an album by Meshuggah on Spotify

Artist: OneRepublic
Album: Oh My My
Genre: Pop Rock

Oh My My

Oh My My, an album by OneRepublic on Spotify

Artist: Ookay
Album: Cocoon EP
Genre: Electronic


Cocoon, an album by Ookay on Spotify

Artist: Phantogram
Album: Three
Genre: Alternative / Electronic


Three, an album by Phantogram on Spotify

Artist: Set It Off
Album: Upside Down
Genre: Pop Punk

Upside Down

Upside Down, an album by Set It Off on Spotify

Artist: She Cries Wolf
Album: Doubt
Genre: Metalcore


Doubt, an album by She Cries Wolf on Spotify

Artist: Sum 41
Album: 13 Voices
Genre: Punk Rock

13 Voices

13 Voices, an album by Sum 41 on Spotify

Artist: Team Stereo
Album: Team Stereo
Genre: Alternative Rock

Team Stereo

Team Stereo, an album by Team Stereo on Spotify

Artist: The Devil Wears Prada
Album: Transit Blues
Genre: Metalcore

Transit Blues

Transit Blues, an album by The Devil Wears Prada on Spotify

Artist: Third Eye Blind
Album: We Are Drugs EP
Genre: Rock

We Are Drugs

We Are Drugs, an album by Third Eye Blind on Spotify

Artist: To The Wind
Album: The Brighter View
Genre: Hardcore

The Brighter View

The Brighter View, an album by To The Wind on Spotify

Artist: Traitors
Album: Mental State
Genre: Hardcore

Mental State

Mental State, an album by Traitors on Spotify

Artist: Wild Pink
Album: 4 Songs EP
Genre: Rock

4 Songs

4 Songs, an album by Wild Pink on Spotify

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