Heirsound Releases Music Video for “Choke”

Alternative pop duo Heirsound have released the music video for their song “Choke”, off their recently released EP Merge. Saving the first for last, “Choke” is the oldest song on the EP as it was one of the first demos Alexa and Dane wrote together as a duo. This song feels most reminiscent of their old bands in the rock genre, because it’s very high energy & it’s a heavy topic; death. Lyrically this song is kind of the inner monologue of Alexa’s brain going back and forth with itself. San Roman explains, “touching on religion, death and the unknown, this song represents my own fears and existential crisis.”


Official Music Video for “Choke” MERGE EP Available Digitally Everywhere: http://bit.ly/hs_merge Physical copies here: www.heirsound.merchnow.com www.heirsound.com www.facebook.com/heirsound www.twitter.com/heirsound www.instagram.com/heirsound #HEIRSOUND #HEIRSQUAD #MERGE Lyrics: VERSE 1 Time isn’t on our side, but we can try to ignore it for peace of mind but I can’t hide, so I will try to take a deep breath but what if I choke on robes, the father, son & holy ghost what if they come here and take the things I love the most?

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