Album Review: Fit For A King – Deathgrip

When core music was on the rise and making a namesake for itself, none of the then bands and fans probably would’ve assumed it would sway towards the more accessible and radio friendly sound. After all, there are genres that are overly referred to as screamo, even when in fact it doesn’t fit the facets of what makes that particular genre. That trend has been slowly changing course as one of the biggest outfits and most popular names, Bring Me the Horizon changed expectations with their latest album. Texas based metalcore outfit Fit For A King could’ve taken the easy road and follow the leaders of the genre by creating a more accessible sound that would surely guarantee an uptick in their fan-base, but with their new album, Deathgrip, they opted to stay the course of what got them to where they are now. By doing so, they have crafted an album that is both the heaviest and most polished album found within their overall discography to date and one that will ultimately please fans for years to come.

[tw-toggle title=”About Fit For A King”]
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Solid State Records
Release: October 7, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

Deathgrip on the surface seems like just another metalcore album, but on deeper reflection the album is much more than that. It is pissed off, heavy, melodic and emotional all nicely wrapped up into one final product. While some of their previous albums suffer from some filler and duller moments, Deathgrip is an engaging listen from beginning to end. All the familiar heavy elements that Fit For A King have employed in the past are there: bone-crushing breakdowns, hard hitting riffs and impressive vocal prowess from Ryan Kirby. This leads into one of the biggest highlights of the album and that is the grown of the aforementioned front-man. Ranging from shrill highs, powerful lows and the new inclusion of singing, Kirby continues to show his diversity and talent as a vocalist. Kirby is complimented nicely by the crooning singing of Justin Tuck, helping add a melodic element that keeps the album from ever feeling stale.

Fit For A King – Dead Memory (feat. Jake Luhrs)

From the album “Deathgrip” out 10.7.16 Order Deathgrip: iTunes | Amazon Merch Packs Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LYRICS: Fifteen years since you walked away No goodbyes, no apologies What’s a kid supposed to do He dies inside What’s a heart supposed to do When you’ve

Despite the lack of singing throughout the song, Fit For A King shows impressive talent in keeping the listener engaged throughout and “Pissed Off” is sure to be home to some massive mosh pits. “Pissed Off” is an unrelenting, angry song that never slows down through the entirety of the song as it bemoans the current state of the world while also making a powerful call to arms. Songs “Cold Room” and “More Than Nameless” showcase the more melodic side that the band is capable of while still maintaining the classic Fit For A King heaviness. To top it off, the album features two guest vocalists in Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red and Levi Benton of Miss May I. Luhrs features on the song “Dead Memory” and is the perfect fit as the song is one of the bands more ambient, emotional songs. The song features one of the catchiest breakdowns to date coupled with the line “You will know my misery!” Benton features on the haunting song “Stacking Bodies”, where he sounds fantastic along side Ryan Kirby only further adding value to what is sure to be one of the bands heaviest songs.

Overall Deathgrip is a massive triumph as Fit For A King takes every successful element of their previous records and combines it all on this one. Whether you are a fan of massive breakdowns, bouncy riffs, metalcore one liners or melodic choruses, this album will not disappoint. Fit For A King are poised to make big waves with Deathgrip, so be sure to keep your eye on the band in years to come.

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