Pierce The Veil “Made to Destroy” Tour – Show Review

Earlier this September, post-hardcore outfit Pierce The Veil set out to embark on the “Made to Destroy Tour” with guests Neck Deep and I Prevail. The well known quartet based out of San Diego, California, made their way to the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio this past Tuesday. With a line of patient and eager fans stretched all the way down High Street, the venue was jam-packed and the show was a massive turnout.


The show kicked off to a great start with I Prevail, an American post-hardcore band based out of Southfield, Michigan. With Eric Vanlerberghe’s heavy and brutal screams blended with the smooth and melodic vocals of Brain Burkheiser, their infused and intense sound is one that seemed to appeal to the majority of the crowd. The band performed one of their best known cover songs “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift, in which the crowd went crazy over, singing along to every word. Judging by their passionate and energetic performance, it’s no wonder that the band has been such an immediate success within a few short years.


Following next in line was the eccentric pop-punk band based out of Wrexham, UK, Neck Deep. The creative hooks and non-stop energy from the stage kept the crowd going crazy throughout the band’s entire set. Performing songs of their most recent album, Life’s Not Out to Get You, one that focuses on mental health and self care, Neck Deep brought an inspiring performance with its positive and up-lifting lyrics. The band performed their more popular acoustic song “A Part of Me” while the crowd lit up the venue with flash lights from their cellphones. Another band that has been quick to succeed within the past few years, Neck Deep continues to rise.


Last but not least, the four men responsible for the soundtracks of everyone’s heartbreaks and personal struggles. Having kept their fans on edge for two years with teasers of a new album, the guys of Pierce The Veil were held to high expectations. Not only did the band exceed all of them when finally revealing the new album, but the quartet also brought along a new style of performance and many surprises to their show.

Before beginning, the crew withdrew a giant curtain from the rafters as a way to cover the entire stage, leaving everyone in suspense. The show started with a short film based off of the band’s newly released album, Misadventures, projecting onto the curtain. Once the music began, the curtain dropped and the crowd exploded with excitement.


As promised, the band performed songs from their newest album along with some from their previous albums, which the attentive crowd knew every word by heart. One of the songs included “Bulletproof Love” where lead singer, Vic Fuentes picked a fan from the crowd to come on stage and sing along. Later on in the show, Vic proceeded to tell a background story of another popular song. He told the details of how bassist, Jaime Preciado, was requested to write a song for his best friends marriage. Vic stated that it was the bands first time performing “Kissing in Cars” on tour, and the crowd seemed to soak in every moment.

“Misadventures” is a reminder of what the band has been through to get where it is now. With incredible new features such as new lighting, smoke and confetti canons that reflected the albums artwork, paired up with passionate new lyrics, electric guitar strumming, flowing riffs and substantial drumming patterns, Tuesday night’s show revealed a side of Pierce The Veil that the fans had yet to witness. Without a doubt, Pierce The Veil’s performances stand out from other shows. The connection between the four men and their fans is something that surely does not go unnoticed. The “Made to Destroy Tour” continues on, ending October 16 in Los Angeles, CA. To see more dates of the tour or for more information, click here.

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