Album Review: Bad Seed Rising – Awake In Color

While it may not be the best way to approach life, like it or not, humans make predetermined thoughts and notions about many things that they come across. Whether it’s judging a person on their appearance, how they act in a specific moment or making assumptions about someone purely based off their age, it’s a subconscious effect. After releasing multiple EPs and touring extensively with other established rock outfits, one would think that Maryland rock outfit Bad Seed Rising would no longer have to deal with such scrutiny and snap judgements from people, yet they still unfortunately do. Taking into account a huge jump in notoriety due to becoming the youngest band in history to sign to Roadrunner Records, these premade judgements have not swayed them at all. With their debut album, Awake In Color, set to be unleashed upon the world, these kids show that no matter what people may think, they deserve their spot in the limelight and everything they’ve achieved thus far.

[tw-toggle title=”About Bad Seed Rising”]
Genre: Modern Rock
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release: September 30, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

Opening up the record is the hardened and edgy “What Have We Done?”, which retains a similar sound found on their previous EPs, hitting loud and fast with pounding drumming, crashing cymbals and deep, heavy riffs. Further exacerbating the heaviness is a brief, yet fulfilling scream of the chorus “oh god what we have done // oh god what have we done” that is utilized brilliantly. Following this heavy introduction is “Dexies”, which retains the hardened and heavy edge, but utilizes slight pop sensibilities in the composition, namely in the massive, repeatable chorus and effect driven bridge. “I Can Feel You”, the second of three already released tracks, perfectly represents the best of both worlds found on Awake In Color; the alternative and pop rock driven stylizations with the killer riffs and edge displayed in the hard rock and alternative metal sounds. “30” continues the blend of musical styles and showcases Bad Seed Rising’s strong songwriting capabilities with a softer approach while the lyrical content itself is much more mature than one would expect from a group so young. The halfway point of the record begins much the way it started as “Obvious” takes the sound up to 11 with strong leads, more unique riffs, slight screams and a small breakdown.

Bad Seed Rising – Fighting Gravity (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Bad Seed Rising’s official video for ‘Fighting Gravity’ from their debut album Awake In Color – Available now on Roadrunner Records Download Awake In Color iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: Stream ‘Fighting Gravity’ on Spotify: Directed by: Mills Miller Site: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

The last of the currently released tracks, “Fighting Gravity” presents a more pop or dance rock approach with synthesizers driving the underlying bass-line and vocal effects on Francheska Pastor’s voice giving off a unique sound. “Sleeping In Cars” is a slight continuation of this approach while “I Believe (It’s Killing Me)” shows a completely different side of Bad Seed Rising as they opt for an almost fully electronic driven, toned down sound. “Spirits” is perhaps the biggest rock anthem found on Awake In Color as it starts off subtle and explodes into a massive sound with a memorable hook and riff, culminating in what should be a surefire radio hit. The record closes with “Horizon” which sees the edge and hardened sound fall to the wayside, instead opting for a more somber and atmospheric ending. All of the aforementioned nuances and intermixing of elements culminate in a sound that can stand out in the rock genre, keeping listeners on their toes with variety and different approaches, making it so one will never know what to expect next.

While Bad Seed Rising have made a name for themselves in the realm of rock and the album itself is built on that sound, the growth between their previous EPs and this release is exponential. This growth comes to the forefront upon a first, full and thorough listen as Awake In Color presents a varied sound, not only in style but in substance – from rock and metal to electronic and pop. These elements and the bands willingness to embrace them help create a debut that has extremely solid composition and songwriting, much improved over their prior releases. Where the record starts to falter is in the over usage of that variety as the overall flow starts to crumble, especially towards the end leaving a slight feeling of disjointedness. There’s no doubt this will continue to improve as the outfit ages, but in this exact moment, Awake In Color is an impressive debut offering a small glimpse of what’s to come.

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