Super Vacation Release Debut Single “Getting Better All The Time”

LA based electro-pop duo Super Vacation have revealed their debut single, “Getting Better All The Time”, which is an uplifting, summery anthem. “The song is both an anthem for hopeful dreamers and a message of thanks to all those who help make the world a more positive place” Burke explains. “Being human is a group activity. We want to acknowledge and celebrate the best part of that – we want it to sound like a thousand children shouting across the globe.”

When you do a bit of digging on Super Vacation, you’ll notice that their interaction via social media remains scarce. However, the duo that makes up the band – Jordan Klassen and Danny Burke – are seasoned musicians, and it’s because they prefer to shine light on their music rather than themselves. After seeing a bus with a slogan to take a ’Super Vacation’, the two were inspired to recreate this wishful promise. With big beats, dreamy synths and soaring vocals, Klassen and Burke took a random chance on creating their own carefree and positive approach to music. Recorded in secret between Vancouver B.C., Los Angeles, and Minneapolis, the two worked long distance under the philosophy that if anything is to be added to this world, it should be positive and honest. The result of this collaboration is a celebration of joyous and colorful sounds.

It’s Getting Better All The Time by Super Vacation

Super Vacation is Jordan and Danny

What Are Your Thoughts!

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