Gungor Release Official Video for “Love Is All”

Grammy-nominated pop duo Gungor have debuted the official music video for their single “Love Is All”, which lives on their upcoming album, One Wild Life: Body due for release on September 30th.

“One of the biggest things that I’ve come to realize is how unhealthy most of us are in relationship to our bodies. We hate ourselves and others for not being what we think bodies should be. But bodies are what they are. Do you judge every cloud in the sky that you see for not being a different sort of cloud than what it is? No, because you have no insecurity as it relates to clouds. If you were a cloud and insecure about yourself, then you would judge other clouds.”
– Michael Gungor


ONE WILD LIFE: VIDEO TRILOGY PART 2 || We are releasing a three-part music video series featuring one song from each “One Wild Life” record. Check out Part 1 with “Moon Song” off “One Wild Life: Soul,” and Part 3 featuring “Walking With Our Eyes Closed” off our upcoming album “One Wild Life: Body.”

What Are Your Thoughts!

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