Band Interview: Carcer City

Sometimes, it’s best to start from the ground floor to capture the true essence of what you’re trying to portray to the world and in order to do that, it requires quite a bit more work than one typically envisions. Carcer City have done just that with their new album, Infinite // Unknown as they hope to deliver a message and get people thinking, but the process wasn’t always an easy one. To find out more on what went into the record, why this quasi-rebuilding was like and what the group plans to do next, we got to talk with lead vocalist Patrick Pinion. You can check out our thoughts on the record here, and but sure to pick it up when it drops 9/16.

We strive to get to know more about the people we talk with, so is there anything you’d be willing to share about yourself that isn’t well known or known at all that’ll live on the internet forever?

Patrick: I suppose we’d like people to know that we’re all really small in real life! We always turn up to shows and everyone’s like “Oh, you look really tall in the videos…” – nope, we’re tiny.

For a lot of people, especially in the US, the signing to Stay Sick Recordings was probably their first introduction to the band. How do you feel the band has evolved and changed over the years through the various releases, member changes and style shifts in the metal genre?

Patrick: We’ve changed a lot, and for the better in our opinion. We’re glad this will be a lot of people’s first experience with us as we genuinely feel this is the best we’ve ever been in our career!

Along with the signing to Stay Sick, your new upcoming record Infinite//Unknown was announced and as a whole, the announcement served as sort of a restart for the band. Do you feel that in order for the band to move on to bigger and better things, that his was a necessary step for you guys?

Patrick: It was something we all wanted to do, sure. Not so much a restart but we just wanted to give this record the start it deserves, so we wanted the right people behind it and to have everything in place before we announced anything. We definitely felt that was necessary to make sure the record had the best chance of success, we refused to rush it.

There’s an interview from July where you had mentioned that the record was already completed in terms of tracking by March 2015. With such a long period between the music being completed versus the actual release date (September 2016), does it still feel like an accurate representation of where you guys are at collectively as a band?

Patrick: Haha, there’s always this problem with releasing music! We’ve had it with every record! In this case it still feels like us for sure, more so than ever. That being said, we’re already working on new sounds!

In regards to the upcoming release, it’s known that the record was at least partly influenced by synesthesia. Other than the association of colors to each song along with the specific order of the tracks, what is Infinite//Unknown about thematically or what are you hoping to convey with the record?

Patrick: We just want it to be a record that makes people think. It asks more questions than it answers and we hope people spend time finding those answers themselves. We live in a world of short attention spans and instant gratification and I want this record to help people break out of that illusory world and think about the bigger questions and bigger ideas in life.

As someone who has heard the full album, it’s much different (in a good way) than I had expected. There’s a lot more ambiance and atmosphere to the album which in my eyes helps create this world and results in taking listeners on a journey. Did you go into creating the record with that ideology in mind or was it sort of a we’ll see what happens approach?

Patrick: The first thing that happened with this record was the ambient and atmospheric side – that was always one of the leading features of the record from the start. The riffs actually came last – it was the groove and the atmosphere that came first and we spent a lot of time just creating the weirdest noises we could!

Further expanding on the last point, the record sonically just feels more unique than many of the records being output today’s metalcore scene along with it being different than what you’ve previously output. Is that just part of growing as musicians and people, letting new things influence you or what was it something you ultimately strived for during recording?

Patrick: I think a mixture of both. We’ve said previously that this was the first record where we didn’t really care what people thought of it – not in a mean way, just that we just wanted to make the record we wanted to make and listen to. So we made a conscious decision to not think about it too much in terms of what genre people will say we are or what bands people will say we sound like. Who cares, you know? We were open to everything, every influence – and I think that manifests itself in the unique sounds heard on the record.

While music is an art-form itself, you guys seem to take it another step further and showcase a truly artistic side from not only the album cover, band promo images or the newest music video and its stylistic approach, but you’ve put out really unique art prints for each song. Do you feel that it adds to the total package of what the band is all about and trying to display with the record?

Patrick: Of course, the visual side of the band is just as important as the audio side for us. With this record it all adds up to a whole – the idea and the message behind the record – “our own relationships to each other and the world around us”. Art can change the world so we like to include as many types of art in our work as much as possible.

After the release of the upcoming record, do you hope to go without having such a lengthy period of time between releases again and furthermore, what’s next for the band?

Patrick: We absolutely hope the next record comes around a lot quicker for sure! Following this release we will be back on the road and will be writing the next record as we tour! Provided we have no more catastrophic van crashes and no more members leaving that shouldn’t be a problem!

We serve as a platform for artists in hopes of reaching as many people as possible, so feel free to say anything you’d like to whoever reads this.

Patrick: We’re a band that wants to change the world, if you want that too then check us out, come to a show and connect with us – be a part of the change!

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer some questions about the upcoming record and cannot wait for the world to hear it. Thanks!

Patrick: Us too! Thanks for the questions! Peace x

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