EP Review: High Rise – Left It For Everything

Potential is defined as having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future; at least that’s the strict, by the book definition. From the potential cure to cancer, the next great invention or the next global music superstar, at one point or another everything most likely appears to have the capacity to develop in the future. It’s up to the creators, the thinkers and the doers to fulfill this ideology and see if they can grow their projects into the next success. UK metalcore outfit High Rise have built up a name for themselves over their young careers thus far and showcased their own abilities as they’ve played with well known acts as well as holding slots at established festivals. While they’ve been on the cusp of breaking through due to their live show, it’s their upcoming EP, Left It For Everything (L.I.F.E.), that shows them brimming at the rim and ready for a long and prosperous path in the music industry.

[tw-toggle title=”About High Rise”]
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Self-Release
Release: September 16, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: Bandcamp | Physical

One of the more immediate things that comes to the forefront upon hitting play on the EP is the similarities to other bands in style. High Rise come across as a culmination of well established acts, blending the metalcore side of Bury Tomorrow and The Ghost Inside with the sonic driven side and influences of Rise Against. Don’t take this to mean that they’ve ripped off someone else’s sound; in reality they’ve created their own that is true to them while not shying away from music they clearly love. Many of the choruses will ring familiar to fans of the aforementioned bands in their composition and delivery and that’s not a bad thing as the choruses are huge, varied and catchy, becoming a true standout on L.I.F.E. On the other hand, the harsh vocals are delivered with a higher pitch, allowing the raw aggressiveness to come through fully, which compliment the crooning singing nicely. This leads to one of the strongest elements that these guys offer and that is the transitions between heavy, heart pounding instrumentation, emotional screams and soaring choruses.

High Rise – Piece by Piece (Official Music Video)

Taken from brand new studio EP, ‘Left It for Everything’, release date 16th September 2016 Preorder from: www.highrisestore.uk Track recorded and produced by Daniel Kerr, Avenue Studios Video by Marianne Harris: www.marianneharris.co.uk Lost girl: Cherry Holliday www.highriseofficial.com www.facebook.com/highrisebandofficial Management: marianne@downforlifemusic.co.uk Mike@downforlifemusic.co.uk For press enquiries: Matt Benton matt@holdtightpr.com LYRICS: We are

From the get-go, L.I.F.E. displays a high level of maturity in overall songwriting and musicianship, showing not only that they deserve the success they’ve had thus far, but that the people who took a chance on their potential were not wrong. This is proven multiple times throughout as High Rise don’t strive to be heavy for the sake of it or to attempt to fit into genre stereotypes, rather they blend their sounds and influences to create a smoothly flowing stylistic shift throughout. Coupled with catchy choruses, strong backing instrumentation through crunchy riffs, relentless drumming and passionate vocal delivery, High Rise are further evidence of the immense talent that the UK offers.

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