Album Review: Carcer City – Infinite//Unknown

Genetics play a pivotal role in the evolution of every single species found on Earth. Not only are the different strands and combinations of DNA the main influence of what makes everyone unique, they are the reason people are truly special. Some are blessed with higher levels of retention, memorization and intelligence while others are given a genetic marker that allows them to see things in different ways. One such marker causes a condition known as Synesthesia, which occurs when stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to automatic and involuntary experiences in a second sensory pathway. Perhaps the most well-known form of this condition is grapheme-color synesthesia, resulting in the person perceiving letters or numbers as colors. For the creative minds, this can change their association to their craft allowing them to create something wholly unique – and that is exactly what Carcer City have attempted to achieve with their upcoming album Infinite//Unknown.

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Genre: Metalcore | Ambient Metalcore
Label: Stay Sick Recordings
Release: September 16, 2016
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Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

As vocalist Patrick Pinion best describes it, the track listing on Infinite//Unknown was arranged very specifically according to the color patterns that he sees. The result is the creation of a record that accomplishes two things brilliantly; present listeners with philosophical questions and present these questions through music in an order that carries on from one to the next. To enhance these accomplishments further, Carcer City have created a sound that lies somewhere between Bring Me The Horizon or Architects (UK) to orchestral set pieces and massive film scores. This is brought to life immediately as the opening track, “Infiltrator” begins with a subtle buildup of space-age sounds, crashing cymbals and skittered electronics before culminating in fast paced, aggressive instrumentation. While these stylistic introductions aren’t as lengthy in each track (“Black Mirror”, “Convington”, or “Nothing But the Rain”) or appear at all, they help set the tone sonically and create a level of cohesion between the tracks that wouldn’t be accomplished without them.

Carcer City – Infinite//Unknown

Follow: Strangers in a place we call home. I play both god and the devil in the world I roam. We are singular, we are alone. Stranger in a place we call home. ‘Cause we are singular, alone, Yet we are infinite, unknown. (Singular, alone).

Furthering the discussion on the overall sound of the record, this is truly an atypical metalcore album, and as mentioned above, relies less on being piecemeal and places a higher emphasis on inter-connectivity between tracks. Carcer City accomplish this by creating atmospheric induced musicality via synthesizers, vocal effects, various programming and keys that are layered throughout the entirety of each singular track. This pushes each song to have a level of melody and progression rarely output from non-melodic and non-progressive outfits and one that is displayed prominently for the entirety of the album. Mixed into that sound is a diverse display of vocal and lyrical capability that presents thought-provoking messages that want to engage listeners to truly think through approachable screams, melodic signing and memorable choruses. Simply put, Infinite//Unknown is an album that was carefully crafted with a level of intricacy rarely found in the genre.

Calling a band that has been around for the past 7 or so years “new” or “upcoming” is an odd take, but until this point, Carcer City had never truly made a name for themselves. With the signing to Stay Sick Recordings, and the ability to breathe an exciting amount of freshness into the metalcore sound through philosophical and atmospheric endeavors, that notion has completely changed with Infinite//Unknown. It’s the aforementioned approach, utilized with their own uniqueness inherited by the bands front-man, coupled with an immaculate attention to detail that helps shape the sound presented on the entirety of the record. Infinite//Unknown is not only the album that will put them on the map, but one that has the potential to be a definitive leader of the stylistic changes within the genres boundaries due to it being an exemplary piece of musicianship.

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