The Weekly Drop: September 3 – September 9

The full on music blast truly kicks off this week as the amount of content and variety released is staggering. Massively anticipated debut albums, extremely hyped up new releases from artists and a plethora of relatively unknowns makes this week just as good as any, and in reality, it’s only getting started. On with the weekly drop!

Released 9.03.16

Artist: Freeport
Album: Moving Forward
Genre: Pop Punk

Moving Forward, by FREEPORT

Moving Forward by FREEPORT, released 03 September 2016 1. Road Maps Home 2. Jerk on the Fly 3. Lawn Furniture 4. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man 5. Sticks and Stones (Feat. Kramer Welker)

Released 9.09.16

Artist: Anthony Green
Album: Pixie Queen
Genre: Indie Rock

Pixie Queen

Pixie Queen, an album by Anthony Green on Spotify

Artist: Artifex Pereo
Album: Passengers
Genre: Progressive Rock


Passengers, an album by Artifex Pereo on Spotify

Artist: Bastille
Album: Wild World
Genre: Indie Pop

Wild World (Complete Edition)

Wild World (Complete Edition), an album by Bastille on Spotify

Artist: Breakdown of Sanity
Album: Coexistence
Genre: Metalcore


Coexistence, an album by Breakdown of Sanity on Spotify

Artist: Breathe Atlantis
Album: Futurestories
Genre: Alternative Rock


Futurestories, an album by Breathe Atlantis on Spotify

Artist: City Lights
Album: City Lights EP
Genre: Pop Punk

City Lights

City Lights, an album by City Lights on Spotify

Artist: Club Drive
Album: Dangerous EP
Genre: Pop

Artist: Cover Your Tracks
Album: Fever Dream
Genre: Metalcore

Fever Dream

Fever Dream, an album by Cover Your Tracks on Spotify

Artist: Devin Townsend Project
Album: Transcendence
Genre: Progressive Metal

Transcendence (Deluxe Edition)

Transcendence (Deluxe Edition), an album by Devin Townsend Project on Spotify

Artist: Fences
Album: To The Tall Trembling Trees EP
Genre: Indie / Singer Songwriter

To The Tall Trembling Trees

To The Tall Trembling Trees, an album by Fences on Spotify

Artist: Grouplove
Album: Big Mess
Genre: Indie Pop

Big Mess

Big Mess, an album by Grouplove on Spotify

Artist: Halfnoise
Album: Sudden Feeling
Genre: Indie / Alternative

Sudden Feeling

Sudden Feeling, an album by HalfNoise on Spotify

Artist: July Talk
Album: Touch
Genre: Alternative Rock


Touch, an album by July Talk on Spotify

Artist: Letters from the Fire
Album: Worth the Pain
Genre: Alternative Metal

Worth the Pain

Worth the Pain, an album by Letters from the Fire on Spotify

Artist: Light The Fire
Album: Ascension
Genre: Post Hardcore


Ascension, an album by Light the Fire on Spotify

Artist: Light Years
Album: Lite Years EP
Genre: Acoustic

Lite Years

Lite Years, an album by Light Years on Spotify

Artist: Local Natives
Album: Sunlit Youth
Genre: Indie Rock

Sunlit Youth

Sunlit Youth, an album by Local Natives on Spotify

Artist: Love|Less
Album: Act 1: Heaven EP
Genre: Alternative Rock

Act 1: Heaven

Act 1: Heaven, an album by Loveless on Spotify

Artist: M.I.A
Album: A.I.M
Genre: Hip Hop / Electronic

AIM (Deluxe)

AIM (Deluxe), an album by M.I.A. on Spotify

Artist: Norma Jean
Album: Polar Similar
Genre: Metalcore

Polar Similar

Polar Similar, an album by Norma Jean on Spotify

Artist: Of Mice & Men
Album: Cold World
Genre: Nu-metal / Rock

Cold World

Cold World, an album by Of Mice & Men on Spotify

Artist: Pain
Album: Coming Home
Genre: Industrial Metal

Coming Home

Coming Home, an album by Pain on Spotify

Artist: Shapes & Colors
Album: Love/Sex/War EP
Genre: Alternative Rock

Love / Sex / War

Love / Sex / War, an album by Shapes & Colors on Spotify

Artist: The Dear Hunter
Album: Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional
Genre: Rock

Artist: This Wild Life
Album: Low Tides
Genre: Indie Rock / Acoustic

Low Tides

Low Tides, an album by This Wild Life on Spotify

Artist: Tritonal
Album: Painting With Dreams
Genre: House / Dance

Painting With Dreams

Painting With Dreams, an album by Tritonal on Spotify

Artist: Twin Atlantic
Album: GLA
Genre: Alternative Rock

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