Stick To Your Guns Release New Track “No Tolerance”

Hardcore outfit Stick To Your Guns have released a brand new lyric video for their new song, “No Tolerance”, which lives on their forthcoming EP, Better Ash Than Dust, due out 9/23 via Pure Noise Records.

“What I always loved about this music is that the music and its scene was always a tolerant place. As I’m sure most of us know the world and our society can be very intolerant to anything or anyone outside of their rules. This song is about our intolerance for intolerance. There is no tolerance for racists, sexists, homophobes or fascists in our scene. On a more personal level this song was inspired by my choice to be vegan. I can no longer be tolerant towards the torture that is inflicted on our fellow species that we share this planet with. I will use my voice, money and actions to stand against these things.” – Jesse Barnett

Stick To Your Guns “No Tolerance” Lyric Video

CD/Vinyl: iTunes: Facebook: Twitter: Hardcore/ Punk playlist: No Tolerance Lyrics Push your world away. We’re not the fucking same. Your poisons. Your prisons. You can’t have us. Your poisons. Your prisons. You can’t have us. Deliberate rejection of your shallow satisfactions. Polluted views rot and rust.

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