Landon Tewers Creates Platform To Push Upcoming Artists/Bands + Solo Music

It’s not unusual to see artists create platforms or even record labels to push music from other artists they truly believe in. For example, Chris Fronzak from Attila has his own record label, Stay Sick Recordings. Today, The Plot In You’s vocalist, Landon Tewers has started his own project called, ‘Tribune Music’ where he will be pushing out music from bands and musicians he wants to help develop as well as his own solo music.

You can read Tewers own statement below:

“So last month I working with this fucking awesome band called Wide Awake. Wrote and recorded an EP called The Shameless together. This is one of my favorite things i’ve ever gotten to produce over the past 6 years and I’m stoked to release it under a new project I’m working on called Tribune Music. I’ll be putting alot of my newer solo stuff out on it as well as a lot of up and coming bands and musicians I personally believe in and want to help develop. Go check out their first single and check out the tribune page, lots of cool shit coming this year.”

You can like and check out Tribune Music on Facebook.

Listen to Tribune Music’s first band Wide Awake below:

Wide Awake – Fade Away

The Shameless EP will be released September 30th Lyrics I awake another day locked down and the pressure is killing me what could be worse than a normal life I try to fight through time pretending things are alright fuck everything they say there’s nothing admirable about conformity it’s been

What Are Your Thoughts!

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