Album Review: Cover Your Tracks – Fever Dream

Formerly known as Cursed Sails, the current version of Atlanta, GA metalcore outfit Cover Your Tracks is much different from who they were just 2 years ago. After releasing their debut record, Rotten Society, on Rise Records, the outfit had undergone a complete band re-branding due to member changes, life changes and stylistic choices. Bringing forth a new band lineup, a different direction resulting in a different sound and a new name, the band released their debut EP, The Taken, to much online fervor. The culminating success of the events that led the band to that point paid off in spaces as they put on an impressive display of musicianship and maturity, resulting in the eventual signing to Epitaph Records. Now, with their debut record, Fever Dream, set to be released, the outfit are ready to show the world they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: Epitaph Records
Release: September 9, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play | Amazon

Cover Your Tracks pledged to take a leap forward in stronger songwriting, getting better at what they do and that is immediately noticeable on Fever Dream. Showcasing this stronger composition is a spanning list of tracks that change up the tune presented throughout the whole of the record. “Spin the Bottle” is a metalcore song at heart, with blistering riffs and frantic screams complimented by catchy, nu-metal choruses while the outfit changes course with the rock ballad “Are We Innocent” and acoustic driven “The Surge.” Furthermore, vocalist Paul Rose shows an impressive range as his cleans go from buttery smooth to harsher nu-metal inspired singing and outright raw screams while managing to deliver infectious choruses as found on “Good Enough” and “Follow Me”. This is a record that has an innate ability to present a varied and catchy sound within the genre it lives in as the foundation of the sound is derived from metalcore while nu-metal and alternative rock elements strongly influence that sound further.

Cover Your Tracks – “Cages” (Full Album Stream)

Listen to the full album: “Cages” by Cover Your Tracks from the album ‘Fever Dream,’ available now Order here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Lyrics These cages keep us separated. They turn us into something we’re not. The light reflecting what we see. Is shaping all that we believe.

Enhancing the engaging aspect of Fever Dream further is the subtle use of electronics displayed throughout. Rather than opting for a straight on metal or rock driven sound, Cover Your Tracks utilizes subdued electronics to add just a bit more to the overall atmosphere of the record, helping the songs come together as a larger cohesive collection. Coupled with the impressive instrumental talent on display, from bouncy, heavy riffs, furious drumming and grooving basslines, this an album that has a sound that is ultimately hard to pass up. The biggest drawback to be found here is in regards to the full inclusion of the tracks from their EP; the songs don’t entirely mesh well together with the stronger composition found in the 6 newer tracks, leaving a slight feeling of disjointedness to the records flow.

When it comes down to it, the re-branding for the outfit appears to have been nothing short of a smashing success and with their debut, it’s no surprise Epitaph decided to pick the band up. Fever Dream showcases a band that is bursting at the seams with musical talent, whether it’s the crunchy riffs, rhythmic and toe-tapping drumming, bouncy basslines or subtle electronics, this is an album that establishes an extremely strong foundation to continue building off of. Rarely do debuts draw such high praise, but Cover Your Tracks have set themselves up in a way that if they continue down the path they are now, their future should be nothing but successful.

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